Bow Wow Dog Houses Add Side Door

Pet Age Staff//October 24, 2018//

Bow Wow Dog Houses Add Side Door

Pet Age Staff //October 24, 2018//

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Press release: Bow Wow Dog Houses

Bow Wow Dog Houses has announced that a swinging side door will now be a standard feature on its XL and XXL dog houses in its Standard Series. Continuing the company’s tradition of delivering the utmost in construction quality, design innovation, pet comfort, and worry-free maintenance, Bow Wow Dog Houses’ larger dog homes will automatically come with a side swinging door with the option of selecting the location and the orientation of the door; opening in front, back, left, or right. An added benefit of the standard swinging door is a cross breeze, which will provide better ventilation.

The XL and XXL dog houses are ideal for breeds such as German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Dalmatians, and Rottweilers. The 16 square foot and 25 square foot dog houses can be shared by two or three dogs or can be occupied by one large dog who prefers extra space.

“We wanted to make it more manageable for those who have a bigger dog house to clean the house,” said Larry Hobbs, President and CEO of Bow Wow Dog Houses. “If it’s just one person cleaning a large house, they may not want to have to lift the roof by themselves, so the swinging door makes the whole process easier and safer.”

Fully constructed in the U.S.A., Bow Wow Dog Houses utilizes premium materials made only from environmentally conscious resources. Each and every home is built to the highest standards of safety and comfort. Bow Wow’s Standard Dog Houses are designed with three components – base, home, and roof from eco-friendly wood products. From there, clients have the option to select from a variety of material, stain and paint colors, and numerous design features. For an even fancier home for their canine, customers can choose from Bow Wow Dog Houses’ Signature Series, which include styles like Craftsman home, Beach house, or the Southern California-inspired Palos Verdes model.