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Best Friend Products to Import Alzoo

Pet Age Staff//June 12, 2013//

Best Friend Products to Import Alzoo

Pet Age Staff //June 12, 2013//

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AB7, a French manufacturing company, named Best Friend Products the importer of Alzoo, a complete range of health care and cosmetic pet products that includes and all-natural arsenal of repellent collars and “spot-ons.”

The Pennsylvania-based company will handle their independent pet specialty customers in the U.S.

The complete line of Alzoo products includes dog and cat collars, dog and cat spot-on products, a shampoo, spray, and powder as well as an herbal collar for horses and an anti-mosquito bracelet for people. The product can also be used alongside a repellent powder, shampoo or a lotion spray. Alzoo also offers a line of a dozen litter fragrance and deodorizers, some seasonal.

Although just arriving in the U.S., AB7’s bio-sourced products are already sold in over a dozen European countries, South America, and Asia.