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Aratana Agrees to Acquire Vet Therapeutics

Pet Age Staff//December 3, 2013//

Aratana Agrees to Acquire Vet Therapeutics

Pet Age Staff //December 3, 2013//

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Aratana Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the licensing, development and commercialization of innovative medications for pets, entered into a merger agreement providing for the strategic acquisition of Vet Therapeutics, Inc., a San Diego-based company with a proprietary antibody-based biologics platform.

Under the agreement, Aratana plans to continue to advance the pipeline of high value biologic drugs, including its lymphoma franchise. Lymphoma is the most common blood cancer in dogs, accounting for an estimated 6 percent of total dog cancers, the company said.

The acquisition of Vet Therapeutics is expected to significantly accelerate Aratana’s pathway toward becoming a commercial-stage pet therapeutics company.