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Adding the Element of “Ahhhhh”

Pet Age Staff//September 26, 2013//

Adding the Element of “Ahhhhh”

Pet Age Staff //September 26, 2013//

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Pet stylists find that many customers do not hesitate to upgrade their pets grooming experience if they believe that an added service will be beneficial.

“I have had the best response to spa type products that address skin and coat issues,” Christein Sertzel, owner Finer DeTails, in Mazomanie, Wis., said.

Sertzel said she follows a gentle, soothing shampoo with a long, cool rinse to relieve and calm the skin.

“Building a rapport with your clients is so important,” she said. “When they trust that you have methods to give their pet a bit immediate relief they are often willing to try new things.”

TropiClean introduced their  popular spa line, featuring aromatherapy and botanicals that soften and condition the coat, several years ago.

“With trends these days toward people humanizing their pets, many owners want to go above and beyond for their dog or cat,” Brian Collier, creative marketing and public relations coordinator for TropiClean, said.

“Spa products specifically can be extremely beneficial to groomers who want to upgrade services by offering a more luxurious experience for the pet. I would recommend that if a groomer wanted to try out just one product that they start with our Renew shampoo.”

When it comes to choosing spa products to introduce to your customers, you can start out big by buying into a full line of products, or test the waters by trying just one luxury treatment, for example, a facial.

Donna Walker, co-owner of South Bark Dog Wash and South Bark Professional Pet Products, San Diego, Calif., said they developed the first dog and cat facial in late 2000, South Bark’s Blueberry Facial.

“This was at the very beginning of the “spa movement,” she said. “It was developed as a cool method to clean the animals face in a very attentive, loving, and unique way.

“Our take on spa products is that they are not simply luxurious and of professional quality, but are fun and interactive also,” Walker said.

From simple yet effective facials to more intensive treatments, groomers can offer a wide range of sumptuous experiences to pets.

“Espree has many great products that I love to use on grooming clients, but their Mud Bath is one of my favorites,” Ashley Pelletier, a stylist in Dallas, said.   Lisa Jordan, Espree sales and marketing representative Lisa Jordan explained how it works.

“Our Dead Sea Mineral Mud bath exfoliates and deep conditions dogs skin and coat,” she said. “It rehydrates and builds the coat.  It can be used before a bath or after, just work the product into a damp coat so that it penetrates to the skin.  Allow it to sit a few moments and then rinse out.”
She said this product sells very well, as does their popular hot oil treatment.

“Just drop our hot oil treatment into some warm water to heat it, and apply it to the coat,” Jordan said. “I use it on my full coated Havenese and her coat is shiny and in fabulous condition. Both the mud bath and hot oil treatment are excellent add-on services that can increase a groomers’ revenue.

– Daryl Conner