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A Guide to Pet Grooming at SuperZoo

Pet Age Staff//August 19, 2019//

A Guide to Pet Grooming at SuperZoo

Pet Age Staff //August 19, 2019//

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SuperZoo is THE annual event for any pet professional looking to network, find new products or just learn more about the pet industry overall. From grooming and animal-wellness seminars to competitions, connections, discounts and more, SuperZoo is an event not to be missed by pet groomers across North America.

Workshops and Speakers:

While SuperZoo is a great event for those across the pet industry, it’s an especially special event for groomers. In fact, this year groomers can attend the following sessions and workshops:

  • Demo: Handstripping 101
  • Ready-Set-Go, Prep-Bathe-Dry!
  • Groomer’s Guide to Purebred Dogs
  • Promoting and Pricing Cat Grooming Services
  • What’s More Important: The Haircut or the Client?
  • Problem Solved: How to Manage Difficult Cats and Their Owners
  • All About Bathing Systems: Understanding, Integrating and Mastery of Shampoo Applicators

And that’s just a handful of the more than 20 grooming sessions and demos that will be offered over the course of this three-day event. From beautiful bichons to European poodles and more, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about styles both old and new. Groomers may also wish to check out the various retail and service industry sessions as well.

You’ll also hear from experts in the industry, including Linda Easton, president of International Professional Groomers and Judy Hudson, owner of Grooming Tails Mobile Pet Grooming. These speakers come from different backgrounds and offer inspiring stories, encouraging pet groomers to continue to follow their dreams and pursue their greatest passions.

Grooming Competitions:

Not only is SuperZoo an educational event for those across the pet industry, it’s also a fun place to show off your grooming skills! If you can rock a pair of scissors alongside the nation’s best groomers, you could take home thousands in cash prizes. In fact, SuperZoo has more than $45,000 in winnings at stake for competitors!

Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned groomer, SuperZoo encourages folks from all levels to apply. Contests feature multiple divisions for each regular breed class and awards for the following:

  • Best Pet Stylist
  • Best First-Time Competitor
  • Rescue Rodeo Competition
  • Creative Styling Competition
  • Groomer Super Jackpot Contest

Even if you choose not to compete in any of the above events, watching these groomers do what they do best is a fun way to learn about new styles and trends within the pet grooming industry.

Shop SuperZoo:

One of the best ways for grooming shops to appeal to new clients is to stay on top of the latest grooming trends. SuperZoo is an excellent way to learn about the newest products on the market– both for groomers and for their clients. With nearly 1,000 new products to peruse, you’ll truly have the pick of the litter at SuperZoo! In fact, SuperZoo features different “neighborhoods” for attendees to shop in, including the Groomer’s Court.

This section of the pet retail event features everything from the newest clippers and de-anglers to sprays, scissors and more! This year’s exhibitor list includes Tidy Dog Pet Products, Animal Wellness Magazine, Blue Dog Bakery, Honest Paws and many, many more. You can find a full directory and floor plan, including each company’s booth number, on the SuperZoo website.

With nearly 10,000 attendees and more than 175 grooming booths, SuperZoo is an excellent place for groomers to congregate and learn more about the pet industry. There are always new products, styles, trends, and techniques to discover in the pet grooming space. Plus, in running SuperZoo, the WPA works hard to give back to the community. In fact, the WPA has raised more than $4 million in the last 10 years for organizations in the pet industry.

Be sure to check these and more out at SuperZoo!