Zoom Room CFO Becomes Largest Multi-Unit Dog Training Gym Franchise Owner

Pet Age Staff//June 7, 2023//

Zoom Room CFO Becomes Largest Multi-Unit Dog Training Gym Franchise Owner

Pet Age Staff //June 7, 2023//

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Press release: Zoom Room

Zoom Room, the venture-backed, revolutionary indoor dog training gym, recently announced the largest multi-unit deal since the company’s inception in 2009, closing a 10-unit franchise agreement with its very own director and CFO, Anthony Polazzi. The deal will create a major footprint for Zoom Room within the Southeast and fuel tremendous expansion for the company, beyond the quadruple-unit growth reported at the onset of 2023.

The global pet services market size was valued at $24.92 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.21 percent from 2023 to 2030 according to Grand View Research. Despite inflation and Americans cutting back on discretionary spending they have maintained or even increased their expenditures on their pets. When it comes to pet care 68 percent spent more in February 2023 versus January 2022 according to the US Pet Market Outlook Report. Projected to reach over 200 units in the next year, Zoom Room continues to be a brand to watch within the category.

Beyond serving as Zoom Room’s director and CFO, Polazzi is also the founder and president of AP Franchised Concepts, an investment firm focused on growing emerging multi-unit franchisees with a successful track record across a variety of industries. APFC invested in Zoom Room back in 2017 and remains a minority company owner. Polazzi’s deep knowledge of Zoom Room and the factors that drive success in the system, coupled with over 20 years of experience in acquiring and advising businesses, will guide his team to build out the initial locations in the South Florida market. As a longstanding integrated partner of the business and now the largest multi-unit franchisee at Zoom Room, Polazzi recognizes the efficacy of Zoom Room’s business model and the lucrative opportunity it presents franchisees for long-term gains. With an impressive growth trajectory, Zoom Room attracts those looking to scale as business owners though no previous experience in dog training is required.

“Dog training where pet parents are actively engaged during the sessions is not as well-known in the pet services industry as daycare or grooming, yet the economics of the Zoom Room business model are more attractive and the opportunity for growth is much greater,” said Anthony Polazzi, director and CFO of Zoom Room and founder and president of APFC. “As the pet industry overall continues to boom, on top of the community-driven values consumers come to expect from pet brands, I expect investors in other states will sense the urgency to develop multiple Zoom Room units in key regions across the country, like what we’re doing in Florida. To foster future multi-unit owners, we’re bringing on a seasoned multi-unit operations specialist to oversee and streamline this process. Our growth is only going to continue to explode as the Zoom Room approach becomes the new standard in dog training and socialization.”

Zoom Room continues to align itself with those who are interested in expanding and investing in the dog training business. The company pioneered a new style of training and emphasizes socialization, positive reinforcement, human education and the value of interactive learning, to deepen the bond between dogs and their companions Most recently, the company more than tripled its presence across the U.S., from eight states in 2020 to 30 states, and quadrupled its unit size in a two-year timeframe.

“Anthony and I have cultivated a remarkable partnership, diligently working to expand Zoom Room over the past six years. He has been an invaluable collaborator, closely attuned to the intricacies of our business. Whether it be his keen insights into Zoom Room or his exceptional track record in developing multi-unit operations, his unwavering commitment serves as the ultimate affirmation of Zoom Room’s solid foundation,” stated Mark Van Wye, CEO of Zoom Room. “Witnessing Anthony’s journey come full circle, now emerging as the foremost multi-unit franchisee, is truly exhilarating. Our unique and rapidly growing concept, coupled with the opportunity to secure exclusive territories, makes this the ideal moment to embark on the franchisee path with Zoom Room—owning entire territories or metropolitan areas as a franchisee developer.”

At the close of 2022, Zoom Room had nearly eight as many multi-unit developers as there were in 2020. This latest multi-unit deal further proves the fruitful path ahead of Zoom Room and is reflective of the opportunity the business presents prospective franchisees.