Zebra Equine Technologies Invents Innovative Sports Medicine Horse Boot

Pet Age Staff//February 11, 2020//

Zebra Equine Technologies Invents Innovative Sports Medicine Horse Boot

Pet Age Staff //February 11, 2020//

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Press release: Zebra Equine Technologies

Zebra Equine Technologies was formed by CEO David Wadman, a rodeo competitor who found that over time his horses developed “wind puffs” on their lower legs, which are the result of damage to the horse’s lower leg. These hormones can breakdown the tendon cells and may cause irreparable damage. He started doing research on how to repair what was happening to their lower legs and found that horse boots were a big cause to this problem.

This newfound knowledge sent him on a mission to create the Z Boot, released in February. “The whole point is the Z Boot was developed with our horses in mind,” said Wadman. “It has better impact material, better heat absorption and extraction from the leg, and reports real time temperatures to the rider so they can take care of their horse better.”

The Z Boot is a protective sports medicine horse boot used during competition or exercise. The Z Boot contains cooling cells that pull heat from the horse’s tendons and ligaments during exercise. Competitor boots trap heat inside the horse’s leg, essentially cooking the tendons and ligaments. The Z Boot contains a Bluetooth temperature sensor that reports real-time leg temperatures from the horse boot onto an app that riders download to their smartphones. The impact material in the boot is state of the art and absorbs 90 percent of the impact, unlike the competitor boot that just has foam padding.

Other Z Boot features include perforated materials that allow for ventilation and strong grip closures. It is available in multiple colors and sizes.


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