Yummy Combs Study: Dog Treat Proven to Improve Breath, Remove Over 25% of Tartar Build Up

By Pet Age Staff//February 13, 2024//

Yummy Combs Study: Dog Treat Proven to Improve Breath, Remove Over 25% of Tartar Build Up

By: Pet Age Staff//February 13, 2024//

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Press release: Yummy Combs

Pets Best Life is pleased to announce that a recent clinical study has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry. Yummy Combs has been clinically proven to provide a 26 percent removal of hardened tartar, 15 percent reduction in plaque, and improved breath by 46 percent when eaten once a day for 60 days. Yummy Combs previously earned the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance for Tartar.

“This ‘dirty tooth’ study proves what some have said was impossible—for a treat to remove hardened tartar from a dog’s teeth,” said Pets Best Life CEO and founder, Joe Roetheli.

The peer-reviewed professional paper is authored by three board-certified veterinary dentists, including Dr. Susan Crowder, Dr. Jan Bellows and Dr. Scott MacGee who set and approved the testing protocols.

Dr. Bellows noted, “These findings are particularly promising for pet owners looking for effective solutions to maintain their pets’ oral health, and they underscore the importance of selecting dental treats like YummyCombs that have been rigorously tested and accepted by the VOHC. With this new evidence, YummyCombs emerges as a valuable tool in promoting better dental hygiene for pets.”

“Yummy Combs possess a revolutionary and highly functional shape that makes the difference,” noted Roetheli, describing it as, “a theoretical hybrid between a hexagonal wide and flat hockey puck and the interior cells of a nest of bees to provide state-of-the-art oral care and advanced safety for dogs. Plus, it’s packed with superior nutrition, turning the protein to starch/carb ratio on its head.”

In 1996, Joe Roetheli and his wife Judy became entrepreneurs when they began a pet food/treat company with the dental treat known by many dogs and cats as “Greenies.” After growing the company to the eighth largest pet food/treat company in the world and receiving over four dozen awards, the company was sold to Mars, Inc. in 2006.

Joe and Judy Roetheli remain entrepreneurs today with their launch of Yummy Combs, a full-body pet treat that addresses dental health, superior nutrition, and great taste while actively battling choking hazards through exceptional product innovations. The innovation of Yummy Combs was recently acknowledged by being voted by 40,000 online shoppers as the 2024 Product of the Year in the Dog Treat category. Yummy Combs are built on the foundation of 10 patents/patents pending and ten “firsts” in the dog treat category.