Yak Cheese Treat Innovator Durkha Dog Chew Launches Production Facility in Nepal

By Pet Age Staff//March 5, 2024//

Yak Cheese Treat Innovator Durkha Dog Chew Launches Production Facility in Nepal

By: Pet Age Staff//March 5, 2024//

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Durkha Dog Chew, a trailblazer in the yak cheese pet treat industry, recently announced the upcoming launch of its first-ever mass yak cheese chew production facility in Nepal, scheduled to open April 2024. This groundbreaking initiative positions Durkha as the inaugural U.S.-based company to centralize mass production of chews in Nepal, ensuring uncompromised control over quality, production, supply and consistency. The new facility has a production capacity of 50 tons per month in the first six months, doubling to 100 tons per month within a year and is easily scalable for future growth.

Crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, including milk and lime juice, Durkha’s Cheese Chews offer a wholesome alternative to rawhide. Renowned for their superior digestibility compared to traditional rawhide, Durkha’s Cheese Chews promise a safer and more enjoyable chewing experience for pets.

Neil Pokharel, CEO of Durkha, brings a wealth of firsthand experience and expertise to the venture, having grown up with yak chews as a staple in Nepal. Leveraging over 8 years of knowledge in the yak cheese industry for dogs in the U.S., Pokharel, alongside his partners and family in Nepal, embarked on the journey to establish a one-of-a-kind yak cheese factory. This visionary project is slated to commence production in April 2024.

Pokharel expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I envisioned providing healthy cheese chews for our fur babies worldwide, and that dream has been realized through the dedication of my partner, and family. With the team’s unwavering commitment to quality and product perfection, we proudly introduce Cheese Chews that set a new standard in the industry.”