Wyld’s Wingdom to Sell Sunseed’s Crazy Good Cookin’ Products

October 4, 2017

Wyld’s Wingdom, one of the largest wholesale distributors of pet bird supplies in the nation, announced it will begin offering Sunseed’s Crazy Good Cookin’ line of products. Combining real whole grain, fruit and vegetable ingredients, Crazy Good Cookin’ serves as a tasty and nutritious dietary enrichment for companion birds of all sizes. As a result of the partnership with Wyld’s Wingdom, pet retailers across the country will be able to easily stock the treats.

Crazy Good Cookin’ products are available in three varieties: Jungle Rice, Nutty Noodle and Pastamoré. Each variety blends delicious flavors, vibrant colors and different textures to entice birds and engage their senses. For example, Jungle Rice incorporates ingredients—such as bananas, brown rice, pistachios, dates and allspice—that are evocative of the tropical environments to which many bird species are native. Nutty Noodle features naturally tricolored pasta along with the crunch of walnuts and cashews and the vibrant flavors of apricot, pineapple and cinnamon, while Pastamoré is an exciting blend of seeds, vegetables and three different pasta shapes.

All three varieties of Crazy Good Cookin’ are intended to be fed to birds in addition to their standard diets of pellets or seed blends. Owners can easily prepare these healthy and delicious snacks by simply adding water, heating them on the stovetop and serving after the snacks have cooled. The finished product may even be stored in ice trays and frozen for later use, offering a convenient way for bird owners to treat their pets while enhancing their diets with the nutrients they need to thrive.

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