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Worldwise Merges with QPG

Pet Age Staff//May 28, 2015//

Worldwise Merges with QPG

Pet Age Staff //May 28, 2015//

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Worldwise is merging with Quaker Pet Group (QPG). The two companies will operate on the Worldwise platform and will continue to build on the successful brands each has already established in the industry.

The merger will expand the offerings of Worldwise. Worldwise’s brand line up of Petlinks, SmartyKat, TrustyPup and Kathy Ireland Loved Ones will be expanded with QPG’s product lines.

Both companies’ brands are highly regarded and in the top position of their respective categories. Together, the combined company will reach across multiple product segments and distribution channels and will continue to grow both domestically and internationally.

“We are extremely excited to add QPG’s proven brands and products to the Worldwise family,” said Kevin Fick, CEO of Worldwise. “Worldwise and QPG both stand for innovative, solution-based, quality products that enhance the lives of pets and pet parents. The core competencies of Worldwise and QPG complement each other perfectly, making this a win-win for both companies, as well as retailers and consumers. The new combined company will be able to better service the needs of retailers and bring more innovation to pets and pet parents around the world. In addition, this merger enhances our ability to further acquire brands in the highly fragmented pet accessory market, and to continue to roll out internally developed new product lines.”

According to Fick, the merger made strategic sense for Worldwise, enabling it to expand into new categories.

Kevin Fick, CEO of Worldwise

“If you wind it back to the beginning, this is Worldwise’s 25th year in the pet space and over the last 10 or so we’ve dabbled in the dog accessory, dog toy side of the business here and there but nothing in a real meaningful way,” he said. “As a strategic direction we are prominent in all things cat and all things bedding but the real gap in our offering was around the whole dog toy and travel business. It really come down to a build it or buy it scenario. Watching what Quaker Pet Group has done over the last four short years, as far as product development and ideation and market penetration are concerned, it was a pretty easy discussion to get to just with seeing the great things the team in Denver has done.”

David Blatte and Neil Werde, the founders of QPG, will continue to be involved in the business.

Werde and the original QPG team of design and development professionals will remain focused on creating new products, while Blatte will join the Worldwise board of directors to focus on acquisitions to continue Worldwise’s growth strategy.

Worldwise and QPG share a commitment to quality and innovation.

“We will continue to be very focused around innovation, channel segmentation when it comes to the brands and products that are offered per channel and with a real a focus on driving innovation within the pet specialty channel and building the categories from there,” said Fick. “Two things that are noteworthy across their product line which are very similar to us is that they have a satisfaction guaranteed policy on all of their products so that if they fail for any reason you can call and get a replacement. Same with Worldwise. The other is that they test all of their products to child safety standards the same way we do. On a lot of different fronts, it’s a good fit for us and I think retailers will see a nice benefit.”