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World Champion Track Standout Gabby Thomas, Pug Rico Race to Top with Nulo’s ‘Fuel Incredible’

By Pet Age Staff//April 19, 2024//

World Champion Track Standout Gabby Thomas, Pug Rico Race to Top with Nulo’s ‘Fuel Incredible’

By: Pet Age Staff//April 19, 2024//

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Nulo recently announced it is spotlighting the extraordinary partnership between Gabby Thomas, the American track and field sensation, and her pug, Rico, as they join the company’s “Fuel Incredible” campaign. This initiative celebrates the remarkable bond between athletes and their pets, emphasizing the integral role of nutrition and companionship in reaching the pinnacle of performance.

Thomas, not only a silver and bronze medalist and world champion but also a Harvard graduate and public health advocate, shares a special bond with Rico, her training companion. The duo’s journey is a testament to the shared commitment to excellence and well-being that Nulo champions.

“Since 2021, Rico has been my rock through every sprint, every win and every challenge,” Thomas shared regarding their relationship. “His presence brings joy and motivation, reminding me that success is not just about the medals but also the journey we share. Nulo’s nutrition plays a crucial role in keeping Rico healthy and happy, mirroring my own approach to performance and wellness.”

Nulo’s “Fuel Incredible” campaign underscores the symbiotic relationship between the wellness of athletes and their pets. By highlighting Thomas and Rico’s story, Nulo aims to inspire pet parents to prioritize the health and nutrition of their companions, ensuring they can actively participate in every aspect of their lives.

Michael Landa, CEO of Nulo, commented on the partnership, “Gabby Thomas and Rico embody the ‘Fuel Incredible’ spirit, showcasing the power of dedication and premium nutrition. We are honored to have them as part of the Nulo family, inspiring others with their story of companionship and mutual success.”

This collaboration not only highlights Thomas’s achievements on the track and her commitment to public health but also celebrates the joy and support Rico brings to her life. By sharing this journey, Nulo aims to encourage pet parents everywhere to recognize the value of quality nutrition and the profound impact it can have on their pets’ lives.