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Winchester Ammunition Launches Signature Series, King Buck Pet Products Lines

By Pet Age Staff//December 5, 2023//

Winchester Ammunition Launches Signature Series, King Buck Pet Products Lines

By: Pet Age Staff//December 5, 2023//

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Press release: Winchester Ammunition

Winchester recently announced the launch of its new pet products lines, the Winchester Signature series and premium brand, King Buck. The pet lines include a wide variety of dog collars, leashes, bowls, vests, training tools and dog beds.

Winchester and The Third Bull & Co. (T3B) have collaborated to develop high-quality products for the millions of pet owners throughout the United States. The Winchester Signature series and the premium brand, King Buck, will be available to purchase at big-box stores, select dealers and online retailers.

“We are extremely excited to offer a very diverse lineup of pet products that feature the legendary Winchester and King Buck brands,” said Brett Flaugher, president of Winchester Ammunition. “As a brand of more than 150 years, it’s important that our products demonstrate a dedication to value, quality and innovation that our customers can rely on.”

T3B is a full-service sales and marketing firm with decades of experience in all areas of the outdoor industry. T3B is purposefully designed to streamline the go-to-market strategies of their tenant brands in the areas of brand development and management, marketing and content creation, advertising and brand messaging, sales management, fulfillment, and distribution. The Third Bull & Co. currently manages a portfolio of brands including Armasight, FAB Defense, Ball and Buck, Helix 6 Precision, Ulfhednar and Winchester consumer products.


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