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Willow’s Groomer Opens Dedicated Cat Grooming Room in FL

Julia Rivera//May 16, 2023//

Willow’s Groomer Opens Dedicated Cat Grooming Room in FL

Julia Rivera //May 16, 2023//

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Press release: Willow’s Groomer

Willow’s Groomer, a renowned pet grooming service provider in Oviedo, Florida, is proud to announce the opening of its new dedicated cat grooming room. The new facility is designed specifically to cater to the unique needs of cats and provide them with the highest quality grooming services.

Cats are often overlooked in the grooming industry, with most groomers focusing mainly on dogs. However, cats require specialized care and attention, which is why Willow’s Groomer has taken the initiative to open a dedicated cat grooming room.

The new Cat Grooming Only Room features state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure the best possible care for your feline friends. The grooming team at Willow’s Groomer has extensive experience in cat grooming and has received specialized training to provide the best possible grooming services for cats.

The cat grooming services offered by Willow’s Groomer include bath and brush, nail clipping, ear cleaning, de-shedding, plush cut and lion cut. The groomers at Willow’s Groomer use only high-quality, natural products that are made for cats and leave their coat looking shiny and healthy.

“We are excited to offer a dedicated Cat Grooming Only Room for our feline clients,” said Ashley White, owner of Willow’s Groomer. “Cats are often left out of the grooming industry, and we wanted to change that by providing specialized care and attention to cats in our community.”

Willow’s Groomer is committed to providing a comfortable and stress-free environment for cats during their grooming session. The new cat grooming room is designed to reduce noise and distractions, ensuring a calm and peaceful experience for cats.

The new dedicated Cat Grooming room at Willow’s Groomer is now open and ready to serve your feline friends throughout the Central Florida area. To book an appointment or learn more about the cat grooming services offered at Willow’s Groomer, please visit the website or call the shop.

Willow’s Groomer is a pet grooming service provider for both dogs and cats based in Oviedo, Florida and serves clients in the greater Orlando and Central Florida area. The company offers a wide range of grooming services for dogs and cats and is committed to providing the highest quality care for pets. Willow’s Groomer has a team of experienced and highly trained groomers who are dedicated to providing exceptional grooming services to their clients.