Wholistic Pet Nutritionist Tazz Latifi Joins 5Strands Affordable Testing

Glenn Polyn//March 2, 2022//

Wholistic Pet Nutritionist Tazz Latifi Joins 5Strands Affordable Testing

Glenn Polyn //March 2, 2022//

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Press release: 5Strands Affordable Testing

Atlanta-based 5Strands Affordable Testing, a leader in bioenergetics and intolerance testing for both pets and humans, is proud to announce that New York-based wholistic pet nutritionist, Tazz Latifi, is joining 5Strands as director of consumer & retail education and sales.

“We are so excited to have someone of Tazz’s caliber of professionalism and knowledge join our growing staff of experts at 5Strands,” said CEO Austin Collins. “Her approach aligns with the 5Strands vision of taking a balanced and mindful path with nutrition and health for both pets and humans.”

Latifi is the former founder and owner of New York City-based Petropolis Natural Pet Supply & Grooming Facility, which specialized in a natural approach to animal health and wellness through the application of individualized, species-appropriate nutrition.

Latifi received her certification in Holistic Pet Nutrition from the American Academy of Natural Health Sciences in New Jersey. Her 16-plus years of experience with consumer needs and purchasing behavior patterns, along with a deep knowledge of the pet food industry practices and processes, affords her the ability to confidently meet the needs of 5Strand’s client base of pet owners and independent pet retailers.

“I am a firm believer in proper nutrition for both humans and animals,” said Latifi. “I am excited to help guide and assist the 5Strands clients in recommending the best foods based on their pet’s individual nutritional needs. The 5Strands team is fully committed to providing the pet owners with an amazing tool which will help them make better food choices for their pets. I am looking forward to being a member of a team that truly cares about the overall health and wellness of pets and their humans.”

5Strands is the nation’s leading intolerance testing company, which uses hair sample testing instead of blood. The company tops the field in consumer-driven health and lifestyle choices by empowering pet parents as they search for answers to their pet’s internal and external health discomforts. With labs located in the U.S., 5Strands can provide quick and affordable findings on food and environmental intolerances in pets.



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