West Paw Brings Eco-Friendly Seaflex Dog Toys to Sam’s Club Retail Outlets

Pet Age Staff//July 28, 2023//

West Paw Brings Eco-Friendly Seaflex Dog Toys to Sam’s Club Retail Outlets

Pet Age Staff //July 28, 2023//

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Press release: West Paw

West Paw recently announced an exclusive product bundle, featuring three unique dog toys made from recycled ocean-bound plastic in first-ever designs and colors, will be introduced at national retailer, Sam’s Club beginning this month. Dedicated to designing products for pets and the planet, this exclusive bundle expands the mission of West Paw, while increasing the company’s use of ocean-bound plastic in its manufacturing.

“Sam’s Club is focused more than ever on sustainability goals and bringing eco-friendly and US made pet product options to their customers,” said West Paw CEO Spencer Williams. “Certainly, those are goals we enthusiastically support at West Paw. This unique bundle of three new toys for Sam’s Club creates new opportunities to make even more positive impacts as a small, family-owned company. From our impact on the planet by using even more recycled ocean-bound plastic and introducing our company’s values and made in the U.S.A., fun pet products to a new customer base – this is what it looks like to ‘grow for good’ and that’s exactly what we’re driven to do at West Paw.”

Since West Paw’s Seaflex collection was released in 2022, the company has helped foster positive impacts in Central and South American communities by purchasing raw materials from collection points, bringing it back to the U.S. for cleaning and recycling into Seaflex. Since its launch, and now with the help of Sam’s Club, West Paw expects to have retained at least 113,000 plastic milk jugs out of the ocean.

“Millions of tons of plastic head for the ocean every year, threatening marine health and polluting our planet,” Williams added. “That’s why we responsibly make products using recycled ocean-bound plastic and recyclable materials. We welcome this new opportunity to utilize even more recycled content into our products.”

The new product bundle for Sam’s Club includes three exclusive dog toy designs:

  • Tug- flexible and durable with two handles, perfect for keeping hands safe from high energy play.
  • Fly- durable and lightweight, the center hole makes it easy for dogs to pick up and bring it back for another toss.
  • Fetch- safer and tougher than a tennis ball, this toy fits in a standard ball thrower for long-lasting fetch sessions.

The new product bundle is now available exclusively to Sam’s Club Members nationwide.

In 2013, West Paw led the pet industry as first Certified B Corporation, joining the fast-growing list of companies and nonprofits worldwide committed to making a difference. This year marks West Paw’s 10th anniversary as a Certified B Corporation, an important milestone for the company, and an achievement that has garnered positive attention from retailers, distributors and customers that also celebrate and support West Paw’s mission.

“We believe that our work is to use our business as a force for good to help future generations enjoy a healthy planet, productive work, and strong communities,” Williams added. “It’s an honor to have the continued support of so many in our industry while we continue to expand our mission, reach more pets and pet parents and solve for tomorrow.”