Wag Heaven Pet Supplies Hosts Fundraiser to Benefit Injured Pekin Duck Bill

By Pet Age Staff//March 14, 2024//

Wag Heaven Pet Supplies Hosts Fundraiser to Benefit Injured Pekin Duck Bill

By: Pet Age Staff//March 14, 2024//

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Several Georgetown organizations and businesses are coming together to help a duck in need. Polly, an adult female Pekin duck missing half of her bill, was found and brought to All Things Wild Rehabilitation Center in Georgetown, Texas. Southwestern University’s Makerspace 3D Print Studio has offered to design and print a 3D replica of Polly’s bill, so Georgetown’s Wag Heaven Pet Supplies and Self-Serve Dog Wash is holding a fundraiser to help raise money for the process, selling Plush Duck dog toys.

Helen Laughlin, president of All Things Wild Rehabilitation, said it’s unknown how Polly lost her bill.

“But Polly remains a happy, friendly duck,” added Laughlin. “She quacks constantly, greeting staff when they arrive in the morning and wandering about the center quacking frequently.”

Laughlin spoke with Dr. Laura Hobgood, co-chair of the Environmental Studies program at Southwestern University and dog rescue coordinator for Georgetown Animal Outreach.  When she heard about Polly’s injury, she reached out to the University’s 3D print studio about the possibility of creating a prosthetic bill.

Laughlin and Hobgood are both longtime friends of Wag Heaven Pet Supplies and Self-Serve Dog Wash’s owners, Jusak Yang Bernhard and Jeff Manley.

“When we learned about Polly’s duck bill project we eagerly offered to help with fundraising efforts” explained Manley, adding that Wag Heaven is partnering with Pet Lou Toys for a toy drive fundraiser, with proceeds donated to All Things Wild.

Each bright yellow toy with a duck-sounding squeaker includes a postcard with a greeting from Polly and a pledge of support of donations collected for medical care and husbandry for Polly and other orphaned and injured ducks brought to All Things Wild this year. Georgetown local artist and animator Morgan Smith illustrated the greeting card cover, and Roberts Printing of Georgetown donated the printing and supplies for the card.

Pekin ducks, also known as White Pekin ducks, are a U.S. domestic breed that originated in China. These ducks are raised for their eggs and meat, as well as to be barnyard pets. The famous Donald Duck is a Pekin duck, as well as the duck in the AFLAC commercials.

The duck’s bill is used for a variety of purposes, such as feeding, grooming, communication, nest building and courtship. While the loss of Polly’s bill makes it harder for her to eat, she manages to suck up her food. Her main disability is grooming, so she frequently goes for a swim in the pelican pool, along with All Things Wild’s pelican Boudreaux, where Polly dips her entire body in the water.

All Things Wild Rehabilitation rescues and rehabilitates sick, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife and releases them back to the wild. The organization’s medical team has noted that a duck bill may grow back if more than one-third of the bill remains.

“We are noticing some signs of re-growth,” said Laughlin. “But the 3D bill will help Polly with daily functions now.”