Vital Essentials Unveils Frozen Bulk Dog Patties, Whole Freeze-Dried Quail Snacks & KONG Partnership

By Pet Age Staff//March 29, 2024//

Vital Essentials Unveils Frozen Bulk Dog Patties, Whole Freeze-Dried Quail Snacks & KONG Partnership

By: Pet Age Staff//March 29, 2024//

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To meet the demand of the majority of consumers who gravitate toward larger, bulk packaging for frozen dog food, Vital Essentials introduces its new Bulk Frozen Dog Food options – available in its top three selling proteins – to deliver the high-quality and convenient solutions that retailers and their customers desire. Additionally, they are unveiling Freeze-Dried Raw Bar Quail Snacks that will be sold to retail in packs of 20 units, offering nutritional benefits for dogs’ health and vitality, packed with high-quality protein, B vitamins to support skin health, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

“With decades of experience in the meat industry, we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality raw Butcher Cut Protein,” said Nick Ebert, chief commercial officer at Vital Essentials. “Whether freeze-dried or frozen, a raw diet is only as good as the quality of the protein you feed your pet. That’s why you won’t find any grains or fillers in Vital Essentials. Just whole animal protein for the essential nutrients and enzymes pets need to live vital lives.”

To further exemplify its commitment to leveling up a dog’s nutrition and wellbeing, Vital Essentials offered Global Pet Expo attendees a first look at its new groundbreaking partnership with KONG. The alliance brings together Vital Essentials’ expertise in premium freeze-dried pet foods with KONG’s iconic durable toys, offering uncompromising pet owners a powerful combination to level up their dog’s food and playtime, exclusively available this spring at independent pet retail partners across the country. The limited supply display will feature six units of exclusive product bundles with an offer that includes a Vital Essentials 14-ounce Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Mini-Nibs Dog Food and get a free Medium KONG Toy.

In addition to offering an in-depth look, sampling and ordering opportunities of its Butcher Cut Protein at Global Pet Expo, Vital Essentials hosted live demos of its frozen dog food patties to illustrate the freshness of its food. In the demonstration, attendees witnessed a side-by-side comparison of Vital Essentials’ raw frozen patties to its competitors to compare the color and freshness that sets Vital Essentials above the rest. This includes the myoglobin (sometimes referenced as blood) that represents its nutrient-dense, whole animal protein.