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Vetz Petz Launches Joint Supplement into US, Partners with USDAA

Glenn Polyn//July 19, 2021//


Vetz Petz Launches Joint Supplement into US, Partners with USDAA

Glenn Polyn //July 19, 2021//

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Press release: Vetz Petz

Vetz Petz, exclusive distributors of the revolutionary joint health supplement Antinol, recently announced its partnership with the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), the largest independent authority for the sport of dog agility in the world. The multi-year partnership, launching in conjunction with a major expansion of Vetz Petz Antinol across the U.S. market, will raise awareness of common mobility issues faced by all dogs; the sport of dog agility; and ways to improve and maintain the quality of life of dogs.

Vetz Petz Antinol is a natural, highly-potent extract consisting of a concentrated formula of six marine lipid groups including Omega-3, ETA, EPA, DHA, DPA OTA and over 90 essential fatty acids. Antinol’s organic blend is designed to support a dog or cat’s natural inflammatory response and aid in their joint, skin and cardiovascular function, all the while reducing joint discomfort associated with pet aging and activity. Antinol has been a leading joint health super-supplement in over 13 countries and the No. 1 vet-recommended joint supplement in Japan and Thailand. Antinol clinical studies have been published in more than 20 peer-reviewed journals globally highlighting its powerful results.

Based on overwhelmingly positive consumer and veterinary feedback around the world, Vetz Petz is now expanding distribution of Antinol across the U.S. through online direct to customer and veterinary-direct sales. Without the need of a prescription, pet owners can confidently help maintain their aging pet’s health and mobility with Antinol. Vetz Petz Antinol stands for the purest form of canine health resulting in their happiness in motion, enhancing performance, and strengthening the connection between humans and animals.

Understanding the significant connection between mobility and wellness, Vetz Petz engaged the USDAA to collaborate on a partnership that would help shed light on this important topic among pet owners nationwide.

“Dog agility trials are among the most exciting sporting events to watch. To see an agility dog and their trainer working together at their highest level is up there with the Super Bowl, Olympics or any other peak athletic sport,” said David Elsworth, Vetz Petz managing director. “It’s about all dogs maintaining their personal best, and Antinol is in this partnership with the USDAA to help keep them that way.”

The Vetz Petz and USDAA multi-year partnership includes a variety of activities and on-site engagement opportunities. Most notably, Vetz Petz Antinol will debut its brand for the very first time at USDAA’s Cynosport Dog Agility World Games, featuring the championship finals of the Dog Agility Steeplechase® and the Grand Prix of Dog Agility, taking place October 20-24 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Ken Tatsch, founder and president of the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), said, “As we return to live events and prepare for our championship Cynosport Dog Agility World Games, there is no better time to welcome our new partner and official joint supplement Vetz Petz Antinol. Our multi-year partnership will increase awareness of our organizations and our mutual dedication to promoting canine joint health to pet owners.”

(Photo courtesy of GreatDanePhotos/USDAA)