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PetWellClinic Growth Strategy Featured in Harvard Business Case Study

Pet Age Staff//May 22, 2023//

PetWellClinic Growth Strategy Featured in Harvard Business Case Study

Pet Age Staff //May 22, 2023//

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Press release: PetWellClinic

PetWellClinic, one of America’s fastest-growing veterinary pet-wellness franchise brands, is the subject of one of the latest Harvard Business Publishing case studies, showcasing the brand’s incredible nationwide development following their adoption of the popularly dubbed Blue Ocean Strategy.

The objective of the case study, which was authored by W. Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne and Michael Olenick, was to see if well-established market boundaries and practices could be redrawn and redefined by the introduction of new industry concepts, such as PetWellClinic. The brand was chosen not only for its one-of-a-kind approach to pet wellness, but also for its unique lifespan within the franchising space, going from near bankrupt to now 150+ franchise locations signed for development across the United States.

“Blue Ocean Strategy is all about rejecting the idea that greater cost means greater value,” said Olenick. “This case study is meant to showcase that a product or service appearing to offer less is actually capable of offering an even greater degree of value than it’s more costly counterparts.”

For reference, Blue Ocean Strategy is traditionally defined as the pursuit, creation and capture of uncontested market space, thereby making any competition irrelevant. It’s a business strategy that offers the potential for large-scale development, so long as the public can be properly educated and convinced on the value of this new industry direction.

“Dr. Sam Meisler (DVM, MBA) found himself struggling in a red ocean of the veterinary care industry,” Harvard Business Publishing reported. “Stressed out and nearly bankrupt, Dr. Meisler applied blue ocean strategy concepts and tools to create a new market space in veterinary care. This is an ex-ante case where Blue Ocean Strategy was used from the beginning to build a large, new blue ocean business while transitioning away from his struggling traditional clinics.”

PetWellClinic, from its infancy, was built around the client. Since its inception in 2010, the aim has been to focus on providing a higher level of choice, accessibility, and affordability to customers. It utilizes an innovative client flow that involves pet owners picking what they want first by looking at an overhead pricing board, paying for it ahead of time at the counter, and then the veterinary team delivering it.

“The pet health industry is growing tremendously, allowing ample opportunity for entrepreneurs and industry leaders to capitalize on the transformations that consumers have been expressing a want for in recent years,” said Dr. Sam Meisler, Founder and CEO of PetWellClinic. “That’s exactly why I founded PetWellClinic, to reshape what traditional veterinary care looked like and make it better for the modern era.”