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Veritas Farms Announces Launch of Veritas Pets Product Line

Pet Age Staff//January 21, 2020//

Veritas Farms Announces Launch of Veritas Pets Product Line

Pet Age Staff //January 21, 2020//

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Press release: Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms Inc., a vertically integrated agribusiness focused on the production of full spectrum hemp oil products with naturally occurring cannabinoids, has announced the launch of its first three Veritas Pets products, a brand new product line designed specifically for the pet industry.

The company is very excited to launch three separate full-spectrum, CBD-infused “topical” products designed specifically for pets, which are all made with organic ingredients. Veritas Pets Hot Spot Oil can soothe and relieve dry or raw skin patches. The Veritas Pets Ear Cleaning System is made with foam that effectively attracts and absorbs dirt, oil and grime. With a unique shape and dual sided tips, this product is designed to gently clean your pets’ ears without doing any damage to the inner ear or ear canal. Veritas Pets Paw Rescue provides your pet total paw protection. This product is safe to lick and moisturizes your pet’s paws, while simultaneously soothing and calming the animal.

The CBD pet product industry is expected to potentially expand to a $1.16 billion industry by 2022, based on Brightfield Group estimates. Veritas Farms is also actively developing additional products for its Veritas Pets line. Management has expended significant resources on the research and development of the Veritas Pets product line and the team involved is very excited to launch another vertical of the company.

Alexander Salgado, CEO and co-founder of Veritas Farms, stated, “Our team has spent countless hours on this new product line, and we believe that our Veritas Pets products are superior to many of the CBD pet products you may see on the shelf. In addition, we now have plans to distribute these products to pet stores across the nation, and we expect to announce additions to and expansion of the Veritas Pets product line in the coming months.”