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Valentine’s Day-themed Bad Tags now Available

Pet Age Staff//January 8, 2018//

Valentine’s Day-themed Bad Tags now Available

Pet Age Staff //January 8, 2018//

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Pet owners now have another way to show their pets they love them—Valentine’s Day Bad Tags are now available.

Tags include sayings like “Daddy’s Valentine,”  “Mommy’s Valentine,” “Little Heartbreaker” and “I’m Cuter Than Cupid” and are available in bright pink, red and white to dress up beloved pets.

Bad Tags are pet tags available in over 20 different colors with 100s of quirky sayings and can be personalized with the owner’s contact information, keeping pets safe if they are ever lost. The tags are made with premium aluminum metal core and are waterproof.

Bad Tags was founded by small business entrepreneur and pet parent Cristen Breuer

“There was once a bulldog named Moose. He had a licking problem—the cat, my toes, the couch, everyone and everything fell victim to his tongue. Overly neurotic, Moose also hated cardboard boxes and the UPS man (especially when the UPS man was holding a cardboard box). Being the responsible pet owner, I wanted to make sure he had cute identification tags that matched his quirky self,” Breuer said. “Not impressed with the tags I found online (boring, dull, no funny factor), I set out to design my own, focusing on bold personality-driven phrases that you might catch your pet saying. Moose’s first tag was ‘Can’t Control My Licker’ followed by others such as ‘Sir Barks A Lot’ and ‘I Has Toots in my Butt.’ Then we have Napoleon, who was my big awkward bloodhound, but we can save his stories for another day.

“Bad Tags are the most hilarious ID tags for dogs and make a perfect gift for everyone you know that has a cat or dog,” she added.

Prior to Bad Tags, Breuer invented Mootugs in 2012.

“Mootugs are an upcycled tug-of-war dog toy created from recycled cow milking tubes. I used my profit from this business to launch Bad Tags,” she said.