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Vaccinated and Loved: Petco Love Distributes 2 Millionth Free Pet Vaccine for Community Pets

By Pet Age Staff//November 17, 2023//

Vaccinated and Loved: Petco Love Distributes 2 Millionth Free Pet Vaccine for Community Pets

By: Pet Age Staff//November 17, 2023//

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Press release: Petco Love

Petco Love reaches its goal of distributing two million free pet vaccines for family pets through its Vaccinated and Loved campaign, saving pets lives by preventing the spread of deadly diseases and supporting families unable to afford necessary vaccines. The national nonprofit organization also commits to distributing an additional one million free pet vaccines, as part of its mission to make pet families healthier and increase access to veterinary care in communities across the country.

The Vaccinated and Loved campaign was launched in August 2021, encouraging Petco Love animal welfare partners to host free vaccine clinics, especially in areas of the country where deadly diseases like parvovirus and distemper in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats, are even more widespread. Vaccinated and Loved marked its first significant milestone in September 2022, when Petco Love reached its one-millionth free pet vaccine distribution for family pets and committed to another one million free pet vaccines.

Now, Petco Love celebrates that two millionth free pet vaccine, distributed on Veteran’s Day in San Antonio, Texas by Petco Love partner and nonprofit organization Spay Neuter Network at its free vaccine clinic. A 20-year-old dog named Rowdy attending with his pet parent, a U.S. veteran, received the two millionth free pet vaccine.

“What a fantastic thing,” said Rowdy’s pet parent, Larry. “You guys gave the opportunity today for my dog to get free shots and that saves me money. I feel fantastic that Petco Love goes out into the communities, especially here in San Antonio. Rowdy is Vaccinated and Loved!”

San Antonio resident Francine took her one-year-old rescue cat, Luka, to the free vaccine clinic. “This is the first time I’m vaccinating her. I’m on social security and bringing her to the vet is very expensive. These free vaccines mean I’ll be able to eat next month. It means a lot.”

Petco Love surveyed pet parents1 attending the free clinics to assess whether the initiative met its goal to reach pets most in need. Despite veterinarian recommendations requiring periodic vaccinations for these diseases, only 36 percent of surveyed pet parents indicated their pets were previously vaccinated, and 40% had never seen a private vet. Based on survey results, Petco Love estimates this Vaccinated and Loved initiative reduced veterinary treatment costs by more than $100 million.

“Petco Love knows pets are family, but the reality is not everyone has access to veterinary care as many pet parents face difficult financial times,” said Petco Love president Susanne Kogut. “Our survey data clearly shows us that having access to free pet vaccines can mean all the difference for some pets and pet parents who might otherwise not be able to afford vaccines that prevent deadly diseases, proving this initiative continues to meet our goal of saving vulnerable pet lives.”

Free vaccine clinics are part of Petco Love’s broader initiative to increase access to veterinary care available to pet parents when cost remains a barrier in keeping their pets healthy and safe from diseases. Petco Love also announces $1.5M in Access to Care lifesaving investments in more than 100 spay/neuter clinics and other low-cost veterinary care providers to help increase access to veterinary care for pets in their communities. The investments are also granted to reduce economic euthanasia, and the surrender of pets to shelters when families are not able to afford needed veterinary treatment. Spay Neuter Network was presented with a $200,000 investment at the recent San Antonio event, as one of Petco Love’s recent Access to Care grant recipients.

In another effort to save pets lives and prevent diseases, this year Petco Love joined forces with Anivive Lifesciences and former NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski in a groundbreaking partnership focused on bringing awareness to the growing threat of Valley Fever. Through a donation of Anivive’s Valley Fever vaccine, pending regulatory approval, Petco Love and its partners will be able to distribute the vaccine in areas most impacted, where millions of dogs are at risk of contracting the disease.

Pet parents in need of free pet vaccinations can visit here to find a participating clinic. Vaccines distributed under this initiative are DAPPv Canine and HCP Feline vaccines in partnership with Merck Animal Health.