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Ukrainian Pet Product Manufacturer COLLAR Company Reports Success at Interzoo 2024

By Pet Age Staff//May 17, 2024//

Ukrainian Pet Product Manufacturer COLLAR Company Reports Success at Interzoo 2024

By: Pet Age Staff//May 17, 2024//

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COLLAR Company, a renowned Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative pet supplies, recently completed its appearance at Interzoo 2024, the leading international pet trade fair that was held from May 7 to 10 in Nuremberg, Germany. In addition to showcasing the company’s latest and most advanced products, COLLAR Company provided visitors with a unique experience. By using Apple Vision Pro, attendees could watch videos simulating how dogs perceive training with PULLER through their own eyes.

Interzoo attendees and partners also had the chance to delve deeper into COLLAR Company’s wide range of products, such as:

WAUDOG pet accessories: vibrant collars, leashes and harnesses made from leather, nylon, recycled polyester (rPet), recycled cotton and the innovative waterproof material known as “COLLARTEX.”

WAUDOG clothes: apparel to make walks comfortable in any weather conditions.

AiryVest: ultralight apparel focusing on comfort and ease of transport.

PULLER fitness tool: interactive training tool designed to enhance the human-animal bond and physical activity.

Toys: “LIKER,” “Flyber” and “PitchDog,” which offer a variety of playful solutions to keep pets engaged and happy.

SuperCat: wood-based and corn-based litters for cats made of natural materials.

Innovative AquaLighter supplies: LED lighting and compressors for aquarium enthusiasts.

The COLLAR Company possesses an R&D department that is responsible for the launch of innovative new products, all of which could be viewed in a special area during Interzoo 2024. The company displayed dog toys produced from biodegradable rubber, silicone bowls and licking mats, and new nylon pet accessories.

The COLLAR team extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support and profound interest in its products, enabling the Ukrainian pet brand to captivate the global audience with its innovative pet supplies.