Ukrainian Pet Company Surpasses Expectations at Interzoo 2022

Glenn Polyn//June 7, 2022//

Ukrainian Pet Company Surpasses Expectations at Interzoo 2022

Glenn Polyn //June 7, 2022//

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Press release: COLLAR Company

COLLAR Company, the pet product manufacturer from Ukraine, recently visited Interzoo 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. Interzoo is the world’s leading trade fair for pet suppliers that gathered 1,300 exhibitors from different countries and continents. Pet suppliers from over 60 countries were able to demonstrate their products, cooperate, and discuss the latest trends and innovations. According to the show organizers, the number of Interzoo attendees topped 30,000.

Despite tough times and difficulties, the COLLAR team tackled the challenges and represented Ukrainian innovative pet products to the whole world. We displayed WAUDOG’s collars, leashes and harnesses, fitness tool line PULLER, pet clothing line AiryVest, dog toy line Flyber, LIKER, PitchDog, durable accessory line EVOLUTOR, aquarium product line AquaLighter, wooden cat litter SuperCat and the new collection Bravery that features national ornaments and designs. Also, the Ukrainian pet product company has introduced an officially licensed collection with Rick and Morty designs.

According to COLLAR Company, an important factor for the brand has been starting the charity project called “Pets Patrol” to help animals and pet parents affected by war in the areas that have experienced the most intense fighting. Therefore, COLLAR Company has introduced ” “Pets Patrol” to its media partners and the world.

The COLLAR Company booth gathered a lot of attention from visitors, who came to support us and express admiration that we managed to participate and show Ukrainian pet products. Visiting Interzoo 2022 enabled the COLLAR team to conduct meetings at a strong international level, and discuss the impact of war and how it affected the lives of the team and Company.

“The COLLAR team always tries to go beyond expectations and fulfill customers’ needs, and this year we received so much support and attention that exceeded any intentions,” stated COLLAR Company founder Yuriy Sinitsa.

COLLAR’s main office and manufacturing are located in Chernihiv, one of the hardest hit cities in Ukraine. Employees had to live in bomb shelters and cellars with their families, while others were forced to flee their homes. Displaying products at Interzoo and telling the world their story was the common cause that reunited the team in Nurnberg. Many COLLAR employees haven’t seen each other for many months and were happy that Interzoo brought them together again.

Facilitating additional business connections is a great chance for us to revive COLLAR and restore full working order as soon as possible. According to COLLAR Company, receiving so much support and good feedback inspires its team to cope with tough times and withstand the storm. COLLAR Company thanks everyone for their support, sincere words and kind remarks. COLLAR Company and its team vow to stay strong as they continue their mission of making pets and people happy.


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