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TTPM PET Unveils its 2017 Pet Product Award Winners

Pet Age Staff//November 29, 2017//

TTPM PET Unveils its 2017 Pet Product Award Winners

Pet Age Staff //November 29, 2017//

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As a product review site for toys, tots, pets and more, TTPM combs through thousands of pet toys, gear and technology to bring people reviews of the very best in pet products.

To induce a wagging tail or a purr this holiday season and kick off the new year right, the TTPM Pet team unveiled the TTPM 2017 Pet Product Awards to use as a Gifting Guide to make online holiday shopping for our pets easier than ever.

The Facts:

  • Pets are more of a celebrated a part of the American family than ever before.
  • There are 180 million dogs and cats in the USA.
  • This holiday season, it is predicted that American families will shop to fill their pets’ holiday stockings, spending up to a record-setting $71 on each pet.

TTPM has reviewed and chosen the best in dog toys, cat toys, dog gear and cat gear to make this holiday buying season easier, less stressful and wagging-tail approved.

“Over 180 million dogs and cats are part of the American family, and each holiday season, pet-parents seek out on-trend gifts and solutions that simply make life better for both pets and pet-parents,” said Andy Krinner, TTPM dog dad and EVP of TTPM Pets. “TTPM is excited to help reduce stress during the busy holiday shopping season with a list of the year’s hottest products to help make it easier than ever to shop for your furry friend.”

Here is TTPM’s Top Pet Toy, Gear and Tech Picks for the 2017 Holiday Season listed by category:

Dog Toys:

Tether Tug™ by Tether Tug

goDog® RhinoPlay™ Collection by goDog® and Worldwise, Inc.

Orbee Tuff Link by Planet Dog

Chuck ItAmphibious Collection by Petmate

Wooly Snuffle Mat by Paw 5


Cat Toys

Jackson Galaxy Vault by Petmate

Spot Wuggle Ball Teaser Wand by Ethical Pets

Neko Pawds by Nekochan

Petlinks® Refillable Organic Catnip Toys by Petlinks and Worldwise, Inc.

Ripple Rug by Snuggly Cat


Dog Gear

Nightlight LED Collar and Leash by 4 Paws Tech

Pendleton National Parks Collection Beds by Carolina Pet

Ezy Dog Quick Fit Harness by Ezy Dog

Corky’s Reflectivewear Jacket by Corky’s

K9 Sports Sack by K9 Sports Sack


Cat Gear

Pet Cube by Pet Cube

Watering Hole by Cats Rule Dogs Rock

Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell Bed by Petmate

Big Max Fountain by Pioneer Pet

Sleepy Pod by Sleepypod



KODAK Video Monitor for Pets by Tend Insights



Urine Test Kit by Petnostics