True Leaf Unveils New Brand Identity and Product Innovations

Pet Age Staff//March 13, 2019//

True Leaf Unveils New Brand Identity and Product Innovations

Pet Age Staff //March 13, 2019//

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Press release: True Leaf Medicine International Ltd.

True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. (“True Leaf” or the “Company”), a leading global cannabis and hemp wellness brand for pets, announced the launch of a new brand identity, redesigned logo and product innovations that reflect its commitment to be the most trusted cannabis-for-pets brand.

The new brand identity features a logo with the True Leaf name in a simple, clear scripted typeface accented with an elegant leaf, highlighting the natural plant goodness of True Leaf’s products. The logo will be featured on all the Company’s products, uniting them under a single banner, and reflecting True Leaf’s emergence as a global leader in cannabis and hemp wellness for pets.

The new brand and expanded product line will begin being rolled out in May 2019 to nearly 2,500 pet retail stores in North America, with Europe to follow towards the end of the year.

The new brand and expanded pet product line were developed in partnership with Dossier Creative, the firm behind successful brands such as Vega Nutrition and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The new branding is designed to appeal to the new generation of pet owners, based on the latest trends learned from consumer and industry research undertaken recently by the Company. Key findings revealed that the majority of people interested in cannabis for their pets are between the ages 18-34, and that’s the consumer group True Leaf is addressing with its new branding.

True Leaf and Dossier Creative set out to create a brand identity that inspires trust with pet owners who are looking for quality, transparency and education. For example, the new packaging has updated dosing charts for dogs of all sizes, eliminating the guesswork for the smallest and largest breeds.

“True Leaf represents the type of project that we love at Dossier. It is a challenger brand leading the way in an entirely new product category called cannabis for pets,” said Don Chisholm, co-founder and innovation director of Dossier. “As a pet parent myself and knowing how much love and money that we spend on our pet companions, I’m confident that True Leaf’s new brand identity and architecture sets the company up for explosive growth and success – like many of Dossier’s clients.”

True Leaf is also launching new product innovations, including advanced formulas of its popular hemp-based Calming Support and Hip + Joint Support chews and oil supplements. The proprietary formulations combine therapeutic hemp with active ingredients such as Omega-3, DHA and EPA from seafood and plants to help maintain and optimize pets’ health during their active and healthy years.

The Company is also adding Everyday Omega, a new Omega-3 supplement for dogs, to its product line. The new supplement evolved from True Leaf’s previous Immune + Heart chew – an antioxidant-rich formula that strengthens immune and cardiovascular function – and is enhanced with Omega-3 content to meet National Research Council standards.

All three products, Calming Support, Hip + Joint Support and Everyday Omega, will be available in small, medium and large format chews (from puppies up to large dog breeds), and as a hemp seed oil that can be used as a healthy and tasty kibble topper.

“Our new brand and expanded product line is all about reigniting your pet’s natural zest for life: more wags per tail, more chase per ball, and more ruff per tumble,” said Darcy Bomford, founder and chief executive officer of True Leaf. “We are inspired by the unconditional love our pets give us every day. They are our constant companions and trust us to keep them safe and healthy. Our purpose is to return that love through natural preventative supplements that harness the healing powers of cannabis and other active plant-based ingredients to reduce joint pain, boost immunity, and alleviate anxiety.”

Committed to creating better plant-based solutions for pets and the environment, True Leaf is also adding a family of oil of oregano products to its line. The new products: Healthy Gums Dental Spray, Healthy Teeth Dental Gel, Healthy Skin & Coat All-Purpose Spray, First Response Topical Gel and Fresh Breath Chewables, are the first oil of oregano products specially formulated for pets that leverage the medicinal benefits of this essential oil loaded with antioxidants.