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Trends & Products: Sustainability

Julia Rivera//August 1, 2021//

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Trends & Products: Sustainability

Julia Rivera //August 1, 2021//

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Sustainability used to be viewed as concern about non-renewable energy use and overconsumption of natural resources. As the term morphs to include more practices, policies and procedures, research is showing that sustainability issues are becoming more important to pet parents.

Consumers are paying attention to climate change and even the policies of brands regarding their carbon footprint. The following pet brands have examined sustainability and taken the issue to heart.




The carefresh bedding line from Healthy Pet provides small pets with a pillow soft and ultra-absorbent home, made from 100 percent reclaimed natural fiber from sustainable sources, free from harmful chemicals, dyes or scents and is completely biodegradable and compostable. Healthy Pet provides sustainably sourced products that are cleaner and healthier for the entire family, including pets and better for the planet.






Wild Eats_Cod_SkinFingersWild Eats

Wild Eats, known for its top-quality water buffalo products, last year added another single-source protein. The new cod line consists of skin twists, fingers, patties and treats. They are certified sustainably sourced, include Omega-3 and are a non-GMO product with no added hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Wild Eats cod treats are deal for dogs with allergies.





WAUDOG Re-cotton harness__WAUDOG

WAUDOG Re-Cotton series of dog collars and leashes made of recycled cotton is a perfect combination of style and technologies. The ribbon, which was manufactured in an eco-friendly way from recycled raw materials, is soft and hypoallergenic but extremely durable. It is enhanced with the reflective thread to make evening walks safer. The collars feature smart ID tags with QR passports that provide additional security. The hardware is covered with Direct Lifetime Warranty. These products are available in five stylish colors.




Pet House CandlePet House Candle

Pet House by One Fur All has upgraded its much-loved Pet House Candle line to a more modern, elegant and sustainable packaging design. One Fur All has always been eco-conscious thanks to their decorative glass candle jars that were designed to be reused. The new bamboo lid will help to make Pet House Candles even more appealing to the many people who are motivated to live a greener and cleaner lifestyle.




Annamaet New PackagingAnnamaet

Annamaet’s Salcha Treat, Aqualuk Treat and Lean Treat have transitioned to a new, modern packaging design, updated to match the look and feel of Annamaet’s growing range of superpremium food and supplement formulas. The updated bags are made with BioFlex materials, designed to convert what would be trash into clean, renewable, sustainable energy as it breaks down within today’s modern landfill environments. Annamaet is proud to continue their partnership with BioFlex, following the introduction of eco-friendly bags to all of their dog and cat food formulas in 2019.


GH Pet Beds 4.5Guy Harvey Pet Beds

The new line of eco-friendly signature pet beds from Guy Harvey are the perfect gift for ocean and marine wildlife enthusiasts. Made with 100 percent biodegradable water based ink and recycled materials, these colorful, artistically designed beds feature highresolution iconic artwork by world-renowned artist, conservationist and scientist Dr. Guy Harvey. Sales benefit ocean conservation through the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.



Canidae SustainCanidae

Canidae’s Sustain line is its most sustainable pet food to date, featuring premium recipes made with responsibly sourced proteins, such as cagefree chicken, wild-caught Alaskan salmon, upcycled brewer’s yeast and ingredients grown through regenerative farming methods. Recipes include a nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals including probiotics, Omega-6 and -3 fatty acids to support healthy digestion, skin and coat.




Natural Company bison_tendon_dog treatBison Tendons

The Natural Company bison tendons are sourced from free range, grass fed American bison. Bison are a key component of regenerative agriculture, resulting in zero waste: meat for human consumption, other body parts for pet treats and hide for leather goods. All of these treats are bagged in 100 percent recyclable packaging, 100 percent plastic neutral and the company offsets carbon emissions from its shipments.





Instinct Raw LongevityInstinct Raw Longevity

Instinct is dedicated to becoming more sustainable and its making strong progress. The company now has recyclable raw frozen bags in the Raw Longevity line – it’s also made from recycled materials. In addition, Instinct is a Guardian Member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) and a new manufacturing facility is being built that will achieve LEED certification.





Jiminys Chewy Cricket Treat Sweet Potato & PeasJiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treats

Fewer than three calories per treat, these soft and chewy cricket treats from Jiminy’s contain wholesome ingredients like sweet potato, peas, oats and crickets for a delicious and nutritious reward. These treats are designed as a training reward, but they are also great for small dogs that prefer a soft, savory treat. Sustainable, humane and hypoallergenic—these treats have it all.




West Paw BeefLiver_FreezeDriedWest Paw Dog Treats

West Paw Treats are simple, sustainably sourced, meaty single-protein, balanced superfood blends and creamy treats that pair perfectly and nutritiously with its awardwinning treat toys. West Paw Treats include innovative Creamy Treats, Limited Ingredient Freeze-Dried Treats and Single Ingredient Freeze-Dried Treats. West Paw treats are backed by West Paw’s “Love It Guarantee.”







Pooch PaperPooch Paper

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags to take care of your dog’s business? Check out Pooch Paper. This is an environmentallyfriendly alternative crafted from recycled, 100 percent biodegradable and compostable paper. Pooch Paper is created with a grease resistant coating to keep waste in its place so all you do is grab, twist and toss.