Trends & Products: Small Animal Essentials

Julia Rivera//August 1, 2021//

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Trends & Products: Small Animal Essentials

Julia Rivera //August 1, 2021//

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According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey from the American Pet Products Association (APPA), pet ownership has increased from an estimated 67 percent of U.S. households that own a pet to an estimated 70 percent. Millennials were also revealed to be the largest cohort of pet owners at 32 percent, followed closely by Boomers at 27 percent and Gen X at 24 percent.

The survey also proves that non-dog and non-cat products are going to be in demand. New pet owners reported that their recent small pet acquisition – including saltwater fish (60 percent), birds (46 percent), small mammals (46 percent), freshwater fish (34 percent) and reptiles (27 percent) – was influenced by the pandemic.

Those new pet parents are seeking out retailers who carry the essential products to care for those new companion animals. By carrying these essential small pet products, retailers will be able boost their sales while expanding their client base.


Oxbow Animal Health_Enriched Life_Apple Stick Hay Feeder_lifestyleEnriched Life Apple Stick Hay Feeder

Oxbow’s Enriched Life Apple Stick Hay Feeder is a new, fun way to offer hay to pets. The hay feeder is made with safe, natural materials including untreated wood, apple sticks, natural fibers and vegetable-based dyes, making it an enriching addition to every small pet’s habitat.







timberline hornwormsTimberline Hornworms 

Timberline’s hornworms are a great choice when looking for an additional feeder option. The hornworm cup is a fully functional enclosure that includes the food necessary to bring the hornworms to adult size. Timberline hornworms are available in 4-, 12- and 24-count cups.






FiberCore Eco BeddingFibercore Eco-Bedding

Highly absorbent and dust free, Eco-Bedding is the perfect environmentally friendly bedding material for your small animals and birds. Eco-Bedding is hygienic, sanitary and non-toxic. The bedding is safety tested and is healthy for all small pets. Its convenient design means neater cage areas and easier clean-up with no sticking. Available colors are natural, blue and pink.






WhisperQuiet_SmAnimalWheels_PrevuePet_2018 1Whisper Quiet Wheel

Prevue Pet Products introduces its collection of small pet exercise wheels. Whisper Quiet Wheel has a specially engineered ballbearing device that keeps the wheel whisper-quiet when in use to ensure no squeaking or rattling. It can be used with the stand or removed and fastened to the cage wire. Easily disassembles for cleaning and comes in three sizes: 6-inch, 8-inch and 9.5- inch. Whisper Quiet Wheel is perfect for mice, gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs and guinea pigs.



carefresh colorful creationsHealthy Pet carefresh

The carefresh line of small animal bedding from Healthy Pet is made from scratch with pillowy-soft, ultra absorbent comfy fluff designed specifically for small pets. Made from 100 percent reclaimed natural fiber, it provides a cozy, natural home that is better for small pets and the planet. It’s two times more absorbent than shavings. It’s a low-dust, easy-to-clean bedding with 10-day odor control.






Ultum Premium AquariumUltum Premium Rimless Aquariums

Ultum Nature Systems premium rimless aquariums are the latest standard in the world of planted tanks. Experience the highest clarity and true uninterrupted display of a planted, marine or reef aquarium. With fresh and innovative sizes, the dimensions keep the aquascaper in mind with additional room for plays on depth and perspective based on the golden ratio.




KAYTEE_FFW_Toppings_Pouch_HamsterFood from the Wild

Kayte’s commitment to small animal pets has inspired nutritional innovations for more than 150 years. Food from the Wild offers a species specific medley of premium pellets and foraging ingredients to promote physical and mental well-being. Food from the Wild includes real fruit, vegetables and botanical ingredients to encourage the foraging activity and enrichment essential to daily health and well-being. Food from the Wild is available for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas or hamsters.





Supreme RabbitScience Selective House Rabbit

Supreme Petfoods has launched Science Selective House Rabbit as an extension to its award-winning Selective range. This new product has a formulation to match the needs of rabbits living indoors with a high-fiber mix of forages that more closely reflects natural grazing patterns of wild rabbits. It contains Timothy hay, grass and the herb thyme and it is fortified with essential vitamins A and D.






AE Cage pitch roof cage with standThe Pitch Roof Cage with Stand 

The Pitch Roof Cage with Stand by A&E Cage Company is a great environment for lovebirds, parakeets, parrotlets, canaries, caiques, pionus, conures, quackers, cockatiels and small birds such as finches.












VitaPrima Sun Drops HAS RUNVita Prima

Vita Prima is Sunseed’s flagship line of small animal. It has been completely revamped with a fresh modern look, premium packaging and recipes made with a unique blend of nutrient-rich ancient grains. These species-specific formulas are free from any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.







Zoo Med Skyscraper Terrarium 1Skyscraper Terrarium

The 36-inch-tall terrarium features a full front glass opening door with snap closure. The stainless steel screen top will not corrode and keeps feeder insects inside while allowing greater UVA and UVB penetration. Additional features include a lockable door for safety and a water-tight base.












ZILLA _AquaticTurtleKit-20L_heroZilla Delux Aquatic Turtle Kit

This excellent all-in-one starter turtle aquarium setup kit will provide your turtle with enjoyment. Each habitat provides space for both swimming and basking. Two reflective dome lighting fixtures keep both light and temperature at healthy levels. The glass terrarium enclosure is made in the U.S.A.




Vera L GoldenfeastGoldenfeast

Versele-Laga’s Goldenfeast Bountiful Bird Foods delivers a natural bounty of delicious and exotic ingredients from all over the world. Companion birds will enjoy foraging through dried fruits, vegetables, assorted nuts, legumes, first crop seeds and ancient grains. Goldenfeast foods are free of artificial additives including synthetic vitamins. Protected probiotics are added to help support immunity and gut health. Goldenfeast is an independent retailer only brand, not sold in mass merchandise stores or mass ecommerce retailers.



The leader in aquatic nutrition worldwide is proud to introduce a new line of ready-to-use reptile diets. LeopaGel is scientifically formulated for the Leopard Gecko or other insect eating lizards. CrestGel is scientifically formulated for the Crested Gecko or other fruit and insect eating lizards. DragonGel is scientifically formulated for Bearded Dragons and other vegetable eating lizards. The 30-day supply is packed in an Oxy-Stop dual format package with an easy-feed spout for proper proportion offerings. Best of all, no additional supplementation is required as each diet provides all the minerals required.








macks reptile foodMack’s Natural Reptile Food 

Mack’s Natural Reptile Food has complete solutions for your customers’ reptilian pets and has recently introduced singles for that repeat, weekly feeding. Beginning with pinkie mice, all the way up to large rats, Mack’s Natural Reptile Food has the perfect size range for your all of your customer’s pet reptiles.










Higgins_inTune_HarmonyinTune Harmony

Higgins Premium Pet Foods offers inTune Harmony, the only seedless extruded bird food and treat in one. A symphony of nutritious morsels, fruits, vegetables and nuts, inTune Harmony brings together fun shapes with naturally sourced colors for a diet free of artificial preservatives and flavors with the added benefits of protected probiotics and balanced Omega-3 and -6 to support the immune system. Available for companion birds, from canaries to macaws, in attractive, resealable packaging.



Fritz_RPM_Reef ElementsFritz RPM Reef Elements

The Fritz RPM Calcium/Buffer System and Fritz RPM Magnesium allow aquarists to maintain a marine aquarium’s calcium, alkalinity and magnesium levels. Fritz RPM Reef Elements does not contain unmeasured and unnecessary ions and metals. Part 1 is formulated to provide the highest purity carbonate alkalinity, and when used in conjunction with Part 2 along with regular water changes with a high-quality salt-like Fritz RPM Salt, it provides the correct ionic balance necessary for healthy fish, corals and invertebrates.




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