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Trends & Products: Pet Carriers

Glenn Polyn//September 1, 2020//

Trends & Products: Pet Carriers

Glenn Polyn //September 1, 2020//

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It’s not unusual to see people pushing a stroller while walking along a sidewalk. And nowadays, nobody does a double take if the stroller were to contain the person’s fur baby.

Carriers and portable kennels designed for dogs, cats and other small animals come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. And many of these travel products have been designed with air travel in mind. In addition, thanks to companies like King’s Cages and A&E Cage Co., birds can also leave the house with their owners.

That’s the state of pet ownership in 2020. Gone are the days when people leave their pets at home while we head out for a day trip or to go shopping. And thanks to manufacturers, today’s carriers and portable kennels are technologically advanced to the point where these products are highly durable, ultra comfortable and extremely easy to use for putting in and taking out the pet. And the brands that manufacture these travel products have designed them to be safe for the companion animal.

It’s important for consumers to know that portable cages, carriers and travel kennels are not just for pleasure trips, as every pet parent should have these products as part of his or her family’s emergency kit. Retailers would be wise to educate their customers on how these travel products should be treated as a pet’s safe space for better preparedness in case of an emergency, as it can make all the difference if one should occur.


G7 Jogger Stroller HAS RUNGen7 Pathfinder Jogger

Take your pet anywhere with you in the G7 Jogger Pet Stroller. Great for an active family that’s always on the go, the G7 Jogger Pet Stroller holds up to 75 pounds, which makes it perfect for a large dog or a couple of small dogs.






the voyager A&E

The Voyager

The Voyager by A&E Cage Company is a large soft-sided travel carrier that includes a removable perch and shoulder strap. It’s lightweight, has sturdy construction with stainless steel wire mesh, double stitching and no-skid rubber feet.








K9 Courier

With a durable, completely waterproof and muck-proof Armor-sole bottom, the K9 Courier allows owners to comfortably bring their dog (up to 15 pounds) along on any adventure, and the back strap keeps it stable during walks or bike rides. Dogs can stick their head out of the contoured sides to see the way, and there’s extra room to store additional essentials like hydration products, keys and more. The K9 Courier can be set up as a vehicle booster seat.




Aluminum Travel Cage King's CagesAluminum Travel Cage

King’s Cages aluminum cages are anodized so they are scratch and chip resistant. Patented front door lock with hidden magnets ensure the door does not rattle during transit. The prestige of stainless steel but more than half the cost. Sleek and elegant, easy to set up and easy to clean. Aluminum travel bird cages are designed and manufactured exclusively by King’s Cages International, LLC.




k9 sport sack FLEXK9 Sport Sack FLEX

K9 Sport Sack FLEX is the most up-to-date, upgraded, ultimate dog carrier backpack. With its FLEX 3-1 sizing technology, you can adjust your bag to get the perfect fit for a dog. It has an added waist belt to distribute weight of a dog and has extra support in the shoulder straps.






JaxGalaxy Convertible CatBackpack HAS RUNJackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack

The Jackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack is an upgraded version of the original “The Fat Cat” backpack design, adding new features to the already incredibly popular carrier among pet parents. The product can be used as a backpack or a traditional carrier with a detachable shoulder strap, and it includes a removable comfortable mat that fits when used either way.





Prevue wrought iron travel carrier for birdsWrought Iron Travel Carrier for Birds

This durable travel carrier comes with everything you need to keep birds safe and comfortable during travel and transport. It has welded bracket seat belt collars for car travel safety; a bendable rope perch; solid cup doors to prevent spilling; a secure, bird-proof door lock and more.





Catexplorer_ApolloThe Apollo

The Apollo Cat Backpack is for those bigger kitties who also love having a spaceship bubble window to watch the world from. They also have the option of safely looking out from the top window while being tethered in. The Apollo has padded shoulder straps, a chest strap and a padded back for your comfort. The Apollo also comes with an exclusive training for your kitty.



Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel HAS RUNPetmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Made in the USA from recyclable materials, the Ultra Vari Kennel from Petmate is designed for travel and training, making for the perfect “home within a home.” Taking into account your dog’s natural denning instinct, our kennels are manufactured with their comfort and safety in mind.