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Trends & Products: Meat-Based Snacks

Glenn Polyn//April 23, 2021//

Trends & Products: Meat-Based Snacks

Glenn Polyn //April 23, 2021//

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Body Parts and Meat Treats

Meat-based treats are full of protein that’s vital to a pet’s diet. The amino acids in protein act like building blocks that help the tissues and organs of the body while creating hormones and enzymes and also supporting the immune system.

One of the most in-demand treats among consumers are those that are all-natural and made with human-grade meat from an animal that’s been raised humanely without antibiotics or added hormones. Raw/freeze-dried treats also continue to grow in popularity, especially the single-ingredient variety. Custom chew bars featuring a variety of body part treats displayed in buckets, bins or draws are becoming popular ways of enticing consumers to snatch up such tantalizing treats as bones, bully sticks and trachea.

Any savvy retailer will be sure to carry a wide variety of these revenue-generating products for their dedicated customers.



Chompery_Beef Rib Bones_3DThe Chompery

The Chompery offers products for multiple usages, occasions and purposes, including long-lasting entertainment, rewards and training. The Chompery bones, ribs, windpipes and jerkies provide a variety of options that meet the main motivations of treat purchasers – functional, entertainment, training and bonding. Addressing consumer concern about pet health and treat origin, The Chompery treats are all natural, made with single high-quality ingredients, and sourced and made in the USA.






BB Beef Cheek Chips 1 lb. Value Bag 611138303187Beef Cheek Chips

Barking Buddha, the maker of all-natural treats like curly bully sticks, offers its Beef Cheek Chips, which are an easy-to-digest alternative to rawhide. These chips are rich in collagen, additive-free, chemical-free and preservative-free. Great for small dogs. Using a natural cleaning method and with a slow baking process in custom-made, human-grade ovens, Beef Cheek slices preserve their natural beef flavor and a more natural color. Barking Buddha products are made in an FDA-approved facility and sourced from South America.



ZIWI Lamb Green Tripe 80g

ZIWI Chews

Mother Nature knows best, so when it comes to a healthy treat, we follow her lead. Featuring grass-fed lamb sourced from New Zealand’s lush pastures, our Lamb Green Tripe chews are prepared with no added preservatives or flavors—just slow and gentle air-drying. Simple and delicious with only one ingredient, it’s the perfect tail-wagging chew to keep your dog happy.





Hauspanther Treats (3)Hauspanther Cat Treats

Hauspanther single-ingredient cat treats are made from nutrient-rich organ meat that’s freeze dried to lock-in freshness, creating a delicious and convenient treat for cats. Freeze-dried to lock in freshness, these grain-free and gluten-free cat treats are available in chicken liver, beef liver and turkey heart in 1.5-ounce bags. These treats are 100 percent sourced and made in the U.S.A.




nature gnaws jerky strips 1Nature Gnaws

Nature Gnaws popular natural dog chews are made of just one single ingredient: meat. The brand’s top-selling chew is the beef bully stick, made of 100 percent pure natural beef pizzle. The Nature Gnaws 100 percent beef chews are in great demand from new puppy owners and aggressive chewers. You can find these natural chews in their new packaging that was re-designed in March 2021.






NUGGET'S JERKY Blank white vacuum stand up pouch with zipper - zip lock bag, templateNugget’s Bone Broth Jerky

Nugget’s is all about gut-healthy snacking, so the brand has combined proven immune builders with nutrient-dense whole foods for a power-packed, savory treat in Bone Broth Jerky. The number one ingredient is actual bone broth. It simmers for days, is humanely sourced and is cooked with organ meat and purified with reverse osmosis water.



JonesSelect-PureMeatSlicesJones Natural Chews

Jones Natural Chews produces several lines of treats, including Jones Select. These premium treats include 100 percent Chicken and 100 percent Turkey Pure Meat Slices. These single-ingredient treats are natural, high-protein snacks from meat raised and sourced in the USA. There is only one ingredient on the label, with no artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives.




chasingourtails bully sticksChasing Our Tails Bully Sticks

Chasing Our Tails dog treats are sourced and made in the United States, including the company’s popular line of bully sticks. Made from 100 percent grass-fed bull pizzle, these treats are washed and trimmed by hand for superior quality. The extra-thick stick offers a worthy match for powerful chewers, and because it is made from just one ingredient, it’s suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.



Clear Conscience_Sliders_DuoClear Conscience Pet Sliders
Clear Conscience Pet’s relaunched, reformulated Sliders are positioned as functional dog treats, and combines 100 percent human-grade cuts of USA-sourced beef and pork with whole superfoods and nutraceutical supplements. The first formulas are Cool-It Beef Cheddavegg and Pork Veggapple, both of which have a proprietary ingredient blend that makes turmeric and curcumin, its active component, more bioavailable and longer lasting.




Mika Sammys TreatsMika & Sammy’s

Mika & Sammy’s specializes one of the healthiest, all-natural products available on the market. The brand’s homemade hickory smoked beef marrow bones and jerky treats are USA-sourced and made in its Philadelphia facility. The brand never uses additives, preservatives, mold inhibitors, added hormones, animal by-products, animal meal, fillers or any other chemicals. Mika & Sammy’s provides only the highest quality treats and chews for your pup.







Dogs go crazy for Tremenda Chewy Bulls. This treat is made of a strip of beef bladder wrapped around a beef esophagus stuffed with ground bully sticks and wheat flour. The texture is softer and chewier compared to bully sticks. These treats are specially recommended for picky eaters or dogs with missing teeth.







Superior Farms HydeOutSuperior Farms Pet Provisions

Superior Farms Pet Provisions offers all natural, wholesome treats and chews that dogs love and humans feel good about. Try HydeOut Cheek Chips and Cheek Rolls, made from beef “cheek” (the skin above the neck) which offers a distinct alternative to traditional rawhide.



Get Naked NPICGet Naked Treats

Furbabies and furry friends deserve the very best, naturally. Get Naked Premium Multifunctional Treats are now made with more real chicken, super fruits and vegetables. They’re filled with extra nutrients to support health needs and life stages of dogs of all sizes. More wholesome. More beneficial. More delicious.