Trends & Products: Leashes, Collars & Harnesses

Glenn Polyn//October 1, 2021//

Trends & Products: Leashes, Collars & Harnesses

Glenn Polyn //October 1, 2021//

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Leashes, collars and harnesses make a major impact on pet safety thanks to reflective and waterproof materials, GPS trackers and Bluetooth systems. These essential accessories can protect pets both day and night, in any sort of weather conditions. In addition, they help to strengthen the human-animal bond, and any trainer will tell you that a pet’s leash, collar or harness is an important tool when it comes to dog obedience.

Leashes, collars and harnesses make the training process easier by giving the trainer or the consumer control of the dog. But the right materials and designs can make all the difference in the training process. For example, leather is a bit easier on a person’s hands than rougher nylon, but for consumers living in areas with a wet climate, nylon is better because it will hold up better and require less care in that type of environment.

Today’s manufacturers have answered the call from consumers who demand these products not only be well-crafted, durable and comfortable, but also stylish while meeting their specific needs. Of course, retailers already carry this category of pet product, but their stock should be wide ranging and it’s wise to carry items that combine fashion with function.

These accessories offer the features that are recommended for dog training, including safety, durability and functionality. But they also give consumers additional features that matter to them, such as ease of use, bright and creative patterns, sustainable materials and more. So no matter what consumers are looking to teach their pups, they can do so in a way that is effective and enjoyable.



ShedDefender-7294Bungee Leash

The Shed Defender Bungee Leash is made with premium, durable materials to accommodate dogs with an active lifestyle. With two sections of elastic bungee, the leash stretches from four to seven feet, which reduces the pulling sensation on both the dog and the owner. The leash features three soft, padded neoprene handles, which give the owner more traffic control.





Nifti SafeLatch new colorsNifti SafeLatch

Nifti SafeLatch is the only patented leash with a bolt that goes all the way up into a fitted hole in the hook and gives pet owners the relief of knowing their dog is secure. Nifti’s built-in high-powered magnet keeps the steel D-ring inside the latch for worry free walks. Use only one-hand to instantly connect to your dog’s collar or harness steel D-ring while keeping fingers safe.





DIPHDA Diamond Piece KitDIPHDA

DIPHDA designs high-end handmade goods that connect people and pets with its interchangeable and collectible crystal slider jewelry. Add DIPHDA Sliders to cork collars and match your pet with your own DIPHDA crystal slider jewelry. The consciously inclusive brand uses ethical, sustainable, and vegan-friendly materials in their products and packaging. Cork collars and leashes are easy to clean and have natural antibacterial qualities.





kenyan_collection_hippo_circus_collarThe Kenyan Collection

The Kenyan Collection creates exquisite bead and leather dog collars, belts and leashes handcrafted by Kenyan artisans, the Maasai Mamas. They find inspiration in the patterns and colors of their culture. These women possess an excellent eye for trends, always creating something beautiful and distinctive. The Kenyan Collection’s collars and leashes are unique, beautiful finds inspired by its makers.



JUST FRED white-bkg-collarsJUST FRED

JUST FRED is a Brooklyn-based and female-founded dog accessories brand that promotes freedom, alternative self-expression and inclusivity. The brand creates vegan, cruelty-free products for pets, including totes, collars, leashes, harnesses, No. 2 pouches, hoodies and pins. JUST FRED also proudly helps support partner funds and organizations to help ensure that rescue animals get the loving homes, healthcare and legal protection that they deserve.





WarriorHarness_On DogThe Warrior Harness

The rugged Warrior Harness lives up to the toughness of its name. The Warrior Harness is designed to provide your dog with maximum comfort, safety and adjustability. Each harness is constructed of durable canvas with a breathable mesh lining for enjoyable wear. The Warrior Harness is a heavy-duty front harness that is fully compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair or as a comfortable walking harness. The Warrior Harness is available in five sizes to fit all dog sizes. Available in three colors of camouflage: Pink Camo, Blue Camo and Green Camo.




headlight harness in pink and red 1Headlight Harness

For anyone who loves outdoor adventures, the Headlight Harness is the best way to keep your dog safe. The Harness has a bright LED light, is lightweight, comfortable and reflective. It has two leash attachment points and a no-choke/no-pull design. The Headlight Harness keeps your pet safe and secure in any vehicle-perfect for all your outdoor trips.





Link_Plus Classic Collar HAS RUNLink Plus

Link Plus is a pet wearable that allows you to connect with your dog 24/7/365 via a mobile app. More than just a GPS tracker, Link Plus offers activity monitoring and recommendations to help make sure your dog is getting enough movement and exercise as well as remote turn-on features, such as light and sound to help with training and safety.




MyFamily Collars StackTucson by MyFamily

MyFamily’s Tucson collection features collars that are 100 percent genuine Italian leather and characterized by the irregularities of the natural material, rich colors and beautiful custom hardware. The collars also include a “Tag Holder” for your pet’s ID Tag, so it’s always visible and hanging straight, along with an “Always Ready D-Ring,” that springs back into position, easing the process of attaching a leash.




Luxe Leather Bros Navy and GrayLeather Brothers Collars

Leather Brothers has over 40 years of experience manufacturing pet products. With its skilled workforce, the brand is able to provide a top-notch quality, and durable product that you can count on. One of its most popular lines, LUXE leather, is made with genuine supple leather and top-notch hardware that is durable and lasting. Proudly made in U.S.A., the line features 10 vibrant color options.




Flexi Style_CMYK-300flexi STYLE

The world leader in retractable leads offers STYLE, a new fashionable, must-have lead that inspires elegance and lightness. The soft pastels, high-gloss finish and velvety soft touch of the handle complement each other perfectly and emphasize the tasteful ergonomic shape. As always, quality, safety and comfort leave nothing to be desired at flexi.




Walkee Paws_harnessWalkee Paws Leash and Harness
The super-durable and long-lasting leash has an additional D-ring at the base of the handle to attach keys or a poop bag holder. The standard six-foot long leash comes in three widths. The 2-in-1 harness offers fashion and function and features a reversible design with a different print on each side, so owners can change the pattern to match a dog’s mood or outfit. The 2-in-1 harness comes in a pair of “fetching” patterns and both are available in Hearts, Classic and Skulls patterns.






WAGZWagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar provides a shock-free experience while offering the ability to set-up and store multiple, customizable geofence perimeters and designated Keep Out Zones to contain and protect your dog. Unique Keep Out Zones ensure your dog stays nearby and doesn’t enter forbidden areas such as flower gardens, pools and patios. Check real-time GPS location tracking, activity tracking, ambient temperature alerts and much more – all through your smart phone in the Wagz App dashboard.



Love Leash (1)The Love Leash

The Love Leash is a two-person, kid-friendly dog leash equipped with two handles. It’s the perfect solution for teaching kids the fundamentals of responsible dog walking without the possibility of losing control, especially if a dog is prone to pulling or chasing. The leash allows one person to gradually increase the amount of control the child may have in the dog walking experience.





Waterfield Designs Dog-Walking KitWaterField Designs Dog-Walking Kit

WaterField Designs has combined its Wag Dog Collar with its full-grain leather Wag Hip Pack and reflective Wag Dog Leash to complete a stylish, premium dog-walking kit. The dog collar can be personalized with a dog’s name, address or whimsical phrase. The six-foot long dog leash features a leather-wrapped handle for comfort while all-brass hardware with PVC coating ensures strength and longevity. All products are manufactured in San Francisco.




rsz_waudog_waterproof_40mmWAUDOG Waterproof Dog Collar

The new WAUDOG Waterproof dog collar is designed for large dog breeds. It is made of the COLLARTEX material developed by the COLLAR Company. It is strong, soft, dirt- and water-resistant. The unique combination of the new wider 40 mm band and durable metal hardware makes this collar design more wear-resistant and more comfortable for dogs. Each collar is comes with a QR passport tag allowing you to create your pet’s profile in the international animal database. The collars also feature a quick-release buckle with a place for engraving.




rsz_fi-blue_collar_mainFi Series 2

Available on the Fi Series 2 smart dog collar, sleep tracking allows owners to monitor their dog’s sleep from anywhere, anytime. Just like for humans, sleep is a strong indicator of a dog’s overall health. If sleep patterns change, it could signify a new health issue, and Fi will alert owners before more serious problems have time to develop.




Company of Animals Crash Tested HarnessCrash Tested Harness 

The Crash Tested Harness from Company of Animals is made for dog owners looking for extra peace of mind. Certified up to 70 pounds, the harness directly links to the car seat belt system with no extra connection clip required. The high tech fully reflective fabric features a breathable layer on the chest panel for comfort, stability and walking safety. Two years in development, this innovative new harness is engineered for easy fitting and conversion into a comfortable walking harness for the perfect day trip.






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