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Trends & Products: Health Care

Glenn Polyn//December 31, 2020//

Cat and vet

Trends & Products: Health Care

Glenn Polyn //December 31, 2020//

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Products that support health and wellness are more important than ever, as today’s pet owners are paying closer attention to the health of their companion animal. This creates a great opportunity for retailers, who can help pets and build trust with customers while increasing profits. Consumers often are not educated on the most effective products that are appropriate for their pet, so they tend to lean on retailers to make the right recommendations.

When it comes to supplements and other health-related products, consumers are seeking high quality and the best value. Retailers are wise to carry health items in all of the delivery methods, including tablets, chews, powders and tinctures. Try to avoid making the mistake of only focusing on dogs and cats. All forms of companion animals have health needs, so don’t leave out products for birds, herps, small mammals and aquatic livestock.



Kradle Trial BundleKradle

Kradle, the CBD brand dedicated to calming dogs, has a purpose-built BotaniTek formula with only broad-spectrum CBD (no detectable THC). Kradle comes in three options—chews, toppers and melts, with each product offering precise, single servings based on weight. CBD products are confusing. Kradle’s education helps pet parents to help their dogs live stress-free with safe and effective solutions that truly work.




Dermabliss-60-HS-Chews-DITCH THE ITCHDermabliss

The Dermabliss line of supplements and dermatology products are veterinarian-formulated for the health of your pets skin and coat. Each Dermabliss product uses unique and key ingredients to help pets who suffer from allergies, atopy, or other skin conditions. Dermabliss products are designed to offer pet owners an easy and convenient way to promote a pet’s skin health and ultimately help pets ditch the itch!




dailydose lineupdailydose

dailydose makes it easy to support dental and full-body health with a tasty, daily dog chew. It starts with a dental scrub that only needs 30 seconds to help eliminate odor, tartar, and plaque-causing bacteria. The inner core delivers supplements for calming, joint, skin, or heart health. Plus, dailydose is made in the USA with no artificial colors, preservatives, gluten or grains.



Anxious REMOVE TEXTThe Anxious Pet

The Anxious Pet’s supplement bars offer the total package: tasty, wholesome, and convenient! The Relax & Roll bars are infused with melatonin, designed for dogs who need relief during stressful situations (available with or without CBD.) The Hip & Hop bars contain glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin to promote healthy joints and reduce inflammation. All Anxious Pet products are veterinarian-formulated and made without grains, gluten or GMOs.



Skouts Honor Wellness LineupProbiotic Wellness

The Skout’s Honor Probiotic Wellness line takes a proactive and preventative approach to treating pets’ most common, and even chronic skin ailments such as hot spots, odor, itching, dry paws and irritated/infected ears. These natural, non-medicated products offer comfort and long-lasting relief while soothing, healing and protecting pet’s skin.




ArmOR Hand Gloves

ArmOR Gloves

The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves, developed by a veterinarian, are a Fear Free-certified product. Made of the strongest of the stretch materials, the gloves are machine washable, offer superior flexibility, and increase safety and efficiency. Two styles are available: the Full Finger Coverage as well as the Procedure-Palpation Style. ArmOR Hand benefits all animal caregivers – veterinarians, groomers, animal rescue workers, pet owners with exotic pets, as well as pet owners who have to provide home care for companion animals.


HonestPaws Calm-Peanut Butter

Honest Paws CBD

Honest Paws CBD products are made with 100 percent pure, full spectrum CBD oil and contain only the best non-GMO, THC-free, all-natural ingredients. Honest Paws full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain specific terpenes and active ingredients to address your pet’s unique needs. The product line has recently expanded with the introduction of tinctures for cats as well as for horses.



CBD Living Dog One A Day Gel CapCBD Living Pet

CBD Living Pet products are carefully formulated with some of the most nutritious ingredients on earth for a healthy mind, body, and (free) spirit. Each product is uniquely made with your pet’s organ systems in mind. Natural plant-derived ingredients used: From oats and avocado to coconut and aloe vera, we use the highest quality ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Dogs and cats have their unique needs and sensitivities, and CBD Living Pet thrives to have a balance of products that are safe for both yet specific for each.



Pawz Sanitizing Wipes SpraySaniPaw Spray and Wipes

Your dog’s good health starts with clean paws. SaniPaw Spray and Wipes round out the company’s line in the paw health category. These unscented, hypoallergenic products eliminate dirt and 99.999 prercent bacteria, virus, fungus and odor from paws. Plus, they’re alcohol free, non-toxic and 100 percent safe for daily use.







The API Freshwater Master Test Kit measures the four most important levels in freshwater aquariums quickly and accurately, including pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. With scientific accuracy for professional results, the reusable Freshwater Master Test Kit comes with four glass test tubes with snap-tight caps and a convenient holding tub for easy storage.





Finn Skin & CoatFinn Supplements

Finn’s debut product offering includes four top-of-the-line beef liver flavored soft chew supplements for dogs, with 90 soft chews per tin. Hip & Joint promotes strong, healthy joints, comfort and mobility, Skin & Coat promotes healthy skin, shiny coat, and shedding support, Calming Aid promotes stress relief, relaxation and balanced behavior and a Multivitamin combines essential vitamins, omegas and probiotics for complete care.





TrueBlue fresh fur cat wipesTrueBlue Cat Wipes

TrueBlue’s Cat Wipes use an all-natural cleansing solution that is mild yet effective. The ingredients include milk, which gently cleans even the most delicate skin, and honeysuckle, which has anti-microbial properties and also imparts a light, fresh scent. Each tub contains 50 extra-thick, pre-moistened wipes.




First Saturday LimeFirst Saturday Lime

First Saturday Lime is a pest repellent that offers a safer option to keep insects out of your garden while also keeping your family and pets safe. All-natural and non-toxic, First Saturday Lime is safe to use in chicken coops, stables and barns to help sanitize.




Kibble Pet Ear CleanerKibble Pet

The Kibble Pet ear cleaner is specially formulated with nature’s best ingredients, including aloe vera and coconut oil, to naturally cleanse, remove excess buildup and soothe irritation without using harsh ingredients. Kibble Pet’s tear stain remover naturally cleans and removes tear stains without using harsh irritants.





Tomlyn_ProductImages_Group_UTHUrinary Tract Health

Tomlyn’s Urinary Tract Health for dogs and cats helps maintain normal urinary tract function and healthy waste elimination. The Urinary Tract Health contains compounds from cranberry extract that help keep bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. Spayed female dogs, older cats, overweight cats and male cats, as well as pets that are stressed or those that urinate in the house or outside the litter box, may benefit from daily use of the product.



Earth Animal DailyDaily Health Nuggets

Daily Health Nuggets by Earth Animal help complete the daily diets of dogs and cats, whether it is dry kibble, canned food, home-cooking or raw-food diets. Avoiding the cooking process, the Nuggets give back vitamins, minerals and Omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids that have been destroyed by cooking. They are a one-of-a-kind, natural (and tasty!) science-based supplement that pets need and crave for optimal health.



Bayer Supplements-webBayer Pet Supplements

At Bayer, we believe formulation matters. We pay careful attention to what is and what isn’t in our supplements. That’s why our products are grounded in science. It’s why you’ll find the National Animal Supplement Council quality seal on every label. And it’s why you can confidently recommend Bayer pet supplements for the dogs and cats in your care.






Pet Botanics Omega Plus ChickenPet Botanics Omega Plus

Pet Botanics Omega Plus with Bone Broth delivers support for healthy joints in delicious treat form. Its exclusive Bone Broth formula includes collagen, cartilage and bone marrow—all essential ingredients in maintaining strong, flexible joints, bones and connective tissue. Omega-3 and 6-rich salmon oil and chia have also been added to promote healthy coats and skin. The treats contain pumpkin to aid in digestion, so they’re ideal for dogs with food allergies and sensitive stomachs.







Mushers Secret 200 (1)


Musher’s Secret

Take time to care for your pet’s tender paws with the all-season, all-natural paw protection of Musher’s Secret, a blend of 100 percent pure, natural waxes, including white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax and vegetable oils with vitamin E. The dense barrier wax absorbs quickly and forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paw, allowing perspiration to escape through their toes. For year-round protection, provide two or three times per week. Non-toxic and non-allergenic.




Vetericyn_All-InVetericyn ALL-IN

ALL-IN is the first life-stage dog supplement on the market with an innovative formula that provides optimal nutrient absorption. The patented bio-active complexes within ALL-IN focus on the individual health and nutritional needs to increase quality at each stage of a dog’s life. ALL-IN contains the key nutrients your dog needs at its particular stage of life, whether puppy, adult or senior, to promote digestive, cellular, bone, mental and immune health.



purina fortifloraPurina FortiFlora

FortiFlora Canine Probiotic Supplement by Purina contains a special strain of beneficial bacteria that is safe and effective. FortiFlora has been proven to promote intestinal balance and a healthy canine immune system. It also helps reduce diarrhea associated with antibiotic therapy and stress.




Brilliant Salmon Oil_10oz HAS RUNBrilliant Salmon Oil

Launching the only human-grade salmon oil for pets, Brilliant Salmon Oil offers great margins to retailers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada, eye-catching branding and convenient merchandising/POP solutions. With two sizes (10-ounce and 34-ounce) of convenient, see-through UV-protected bottles, Brilliant Salmon Oil is heart-healthy, giving dogs and cats shinier coats, softer paws, increased energy and enhanced appetites.






VitaPrima Sun DropsVita Prima Sun Drops

Vita Prima Sun Drops are advanced liquid vitamin supplements that are designed species-specifically, with Sun Drops for Birds enriched with Vitamin A and Sun Drops for Small Animals enriched with Vitamin C. Added directly to a pet’s food or water, these high potency multivitamins are easy to use and taste great!




Pet Releaf BoomBars C1 EnergizeBoom Bars

Boom Bars are hemp-protein supplement bars. Pet Releaf’s Veterinarian Product Development Team hand-selected every ingredient in the Boom Bars to ensure that each recipe, Energize, Recovery and Longevity, only includes nutrient-dense ingredients that will directly and holistically impact your pet’s health.



grizzly krill oilGrizzly Krill Oil

Join the fight against free radicals in your pet’s digestive system with Grizzly Pet Products’ Krill Oil—an extremely powerful antioxidant supplement providing up to eight times more Astaxanthin than krill oil for humans. Grizzly Krill Oil is sustainably harvested from Antarctica and certified by WWF and CCAMLR.






Natural Science papaya supportNatural Science Supplements

Oxbow Animal Health’s supplements support the wellness of small pets. Included in the product lineup is Natural Science Papaya Support, which is designed to support the digestive health of pets. Also offered is Natural Science Vitamin C, which contains high-fiber timothy hay and the stabilized vitamin C that animals benefit from during times of stress, illness or recovery.


PillStashios, now Stashios, has exciting products to go along with eye-catching, new packaging. Wrap-Ups are a perfect solution for every size and shape of pill, capsule or tablet that transform a pill into a treat! Dental+ dental sticks clean pets’ teeth and freshen breath with stashed beneficial ingredients like taurine and glucosamine inside. Veggie Treats provide a healthy dog treat made from real vegetables. Soft Chews+ are fun-sized everyday training treats stashed with such healthy ingredients as flaxseed and L-Carnitine.