Trends & Products: Feeders & Bowls

Glenn Polyn//October 20, 2020//

Trends & Products: Feeders & Bowls

Glenn Polyn //October 20, 2020//

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Despite being so vital to a pet’s health, bowls and feeding systems might be one of the most overlooked sectors in the pet care industry. Water and food bowls are continuing to evolve into stylish and sophisticated accessories. For retailers, it’s an area that could boost revenue when handled correctly. It’s a good idea to ask customers some questions regarding how many pets are in the house, their sizes and their eating and drinking habits. It could result in sales of a high-tech system, elevated bowls or dual dishes.

supermax bowlsSuperMax Bowls

SuperMax bowls are a unique square shape made with extra-heavy duty sand-casted aluminum construction with simple designs on brightly colored ceramic interiors. They’re now made with an anti-skid base.



PetSafe® Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder ImagePetSafe Upgraded Pet Feeder

The upgraded PetSafe Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder features easy-to-use dial timers so owners can schedule two meals up to 24 hours in advance, in half-hour increments, to consistently feed their pet on time. This upgraded model also includes a tamper-resistant design to prevent persistent pets from accessing their meals early. The feeder features a modern design offered in a new grey color to blend with any home décor.




K Rex KleanbowlK-Rex KleanBowl

The K-Rex disposable reptile bowl decreases the risk of disease for pets and owners. The steel bowl frame holds a biodegradable, disposable and compostable bowl, and is weighted to prevent tipping. The low profile provides easy access while keeping substrate out of the bowl. This product comes with three Nourish-Pet refill bowls; refill packs available. It is completely reptile safe.




Petmate Oval BowlThe Oval Bowl

The Oval Bowl is great for cats that are susceptible to whisker sensitivity or whisker stress (causing them to not eat) because the flatter and wider bowl mimics the shape of whiskers, which helps reduce stress. The stainless material helps reduce the risk of bacteria, which causes chin acne, and the slight wall incline prevents messes. The bowl holds three ounces of canned food.




Eco-Friendly Pet Dish in Three ColorsEco-Friendly 2-in-1 Pet Dish

Eco-Friendly Pet Dish is a 2-in-1 cat or dog bowl that can be taken anywhere. It’s perfect for camping, hotel rooms and even a picnic at the park! It snaps together for easy travel and it doesn’t absorb odors. The best part of this Eco-Friendly Pet Dish is it’s BPA free, non-toxic and made out of plant-based material, which makes it completely biodegradable. Available in three colors: Baby Green, Baby Blue and Baby Pink.





Petrageous Fiji Stainless SteelFiji Bowl

Fiji non-slip stainless steel bowls are a perfect mix of function and style. The non-slip TPE is designed to prevent the bowls from slipping or scratching while offering a unique and modern look. The TPE hugs the exterior of these bowls, offering a sleek and decorative pattern.




Messy cats Double Silicone Feeder 1Messy Cats Double Silicone Feeder

The non-slip silicone base prevents damage to floors and holds two stainless steel bowls in place for cats. It also contains any further messes with the wide lip and raised edge border. Made from FDA approved food grade silicone, it is also stain and odor resistant.