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Trends & Products: Cages and Enclosures

Glenn Polyn//April 20, 2021//

Trends & Products: Cages and Enclosures

Glenn Polyn //April 20, 2021//

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Home, Sweet Home

When it comes to companion animals — be it a bird, hamster, dog, cat, turtle or aquatic livestock — the pet’s environment is pivotal to its physical and emotional well-being. These cages, crates, aquariums and enclosures are designed to support every aspect of the pet’s natural behaviors and lifestyle.

Whether it’s an aquarium for tropical fish, crate for a dog or a flight cage for a cockatiel, the habitat provides a containment system that is safe for the animal while being easy for the pet parent to nurture their companion animal. Today’s cages and tanks are designed with the animal’s breed-specific behaviors in mind, thus enable consumers to best duplicate the natural environment for everything from a bearded dragon to a coral reef setup.



Petmate KennelPetmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Made in the USA from recyclable materials, the Ultra Vari Kennel from Petmate is designed for travel and training, making for the perfect “home within a home.” Taking into account a dog’s natural denning instinct, each kennel is manufactured with the pet’s comfort and safety in mind.



Ware Pet Products-Cat PatioThe Cat Patio

The Cat Patio from Ware Pet Products provides outdoor enrichment for your cat(s) in the safety of a protected patio. The heavy duty powder-coated steel, large zippered doors and multi-level climbing add durability, style and fun to this unique product. The Cat Patio includes sandbags for anchoring, UV/Waterproof peaked roof cover and predator resistant mesh.






Kaytee CritterTrail SUPER HabitatCritterTrail SUPER Habitat

The CritterTrail SUPER Habitat was specifically made with Syrian hamsters in mind. Boasting 540 square inches of living space for hamsters, gerbils or other small animals, it features large top door access and a port door connector for expanding pets’ living space with another CritterTrail habitat or CritterTrail accessory. It also includes a comfort shelf, safety ramp and bubble plug.



Kennel Crate Single WhiteKennel & Crate

Kennel & Crate builds beautiful, luxury dog kennels for every dog — big, small or in-between. These hand-crafted indoor crates feature quality construction, endless design options and attention to detail that cannot be matched in the marketplace today. These crates are crafted with hand-selected, top-of-the-lime materials for a piece that will last a lifetime.





ZILLA _AquaticTurtleKit-20L_heroZILLA Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Kit

This excellent all-in-one starter turtle aquarium setup kit will provide your turtle with enjoyment. Each habitat provides space for both swimming and basking. Two reflective dome lighting fixtures keep both light and temperature at healthy levels. The glass terrarium enclosure is made in the United States.




Prevue wrought iron travel carrier for birdsWrought Iron Travel Carrier for Birds

This durable travel carrier comes with everything you need to keep birds safe and comfortable during travel and transport. It has welded bracket seat belt collars for car travel safety; a bendable rope perch; solid cup doors to prevent spilling; a secure, bird-proof door lock and more.






Ultum Premium AquariumUltum Premium Rimless Aquarium

Ultum Nature Systems premium rimless aquariums are the latest standard in the world of planted tanks. Experience the highest clarity and true uninterrupted display of a planted, marine or reef aquarium. With fresh and innovative sizes, the dimensions keep the aquascaper in mind with additional room for plays on depth and perspective based on the golden ratio.




Oxbow Enriched Life Hamster HabitatEnriched Life Habitats

Oxbow Animal Health’s small animal habitats are innovatively designed to support every aspect of the natural, species-specific behaviors of small animals. With nature-inspired features, safe places to explore and premium, pet-safe designs, these habitats make it easy for pet parents to nurture what’s in their pet’s nature every day.



pitch roof cage with standPitch Roof Cage with Stand

The Pitch Roof Cage with Stand by A&E Cage Company is a great environment for lovebirds, parakeets, parrotlets, canaries, caiques, pionus, conures, quackers, cockatiels and small birds such as finches.










Zoo Med Skyscraper TerrariumSkyscraper Terrarium

The 36-inch-tall terrarium features a full front glass opening door with snap closure. The stainless steel screen top will not corrode and keeps feeder insects inside while allowing greater UVA and UVB penetration. Additional features include a lockable door for safety and a water-tight base.