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Trends & Products: Bet on Birds

Glenn Polyn//September 25, 2020//

young woman with funny colorful parrot on her head, tourism concept

Trends & Products: Bet on Birds

Glenn Polyn //September 25, 2020//

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When it comes to pet birds, the cage is a necessity among products that consumers will be needing. However, it’s the other items—food, toys and health products—that go a long way in keeping these companion animal healthy and happy.

Avian product manufacturers have dedicated years of research to perfect their species-specific foods and supplements. And the detail that’s been put into today’s bird toys is important as the right foraging and chew toys will be keeping a bird highly entertained and feeling content in its forever home. And a retailer that stocks products resulting in a happy, healthy companion bird can result in a return customer and a boost in sales.


Tropical Punch CocktailAE Tropical Punch Cocktail

Made in the USA, the Tropical Punch Cocktail bird toy #HB872 is a party in a cup for birds. It is made with a real paper Hawaiian-themed cup and encourages birds’ natural instinct to forage and play with its colorful and fun design. It includes all sorts of treats and lots of shred-able, natural toy parts.



WoodCoinCoil GreenfeatherWoodCoinCoil

The WoodCoinCoil is created for the companion parrot that’s a strong chewer and that enjoys bead-popping. This toy is a stainless steel wire that’s loaded with several thick maple wood coins, lots of colorful donut beads, plastic rings and jumbo beads. It’s finished off with a colored plastic chain tail.






Avian Organics Small Hookbill No Sunflower mix is USDA Organic certified and great for special dietary needs, such as overweight eating habits. This blend packs a delicious and nutritious taste with added almonds and cashews. Your hookbill companions will be sure to appreciate the clean quality and all-natural ingredients in this mix.




inTune HarmonyHiggins-inTune

Higgins Premium Pet Foods is the manufacturer of inTune Harmony, the only seedless extruded bird food and treat in one. inTune Harmony is a symphony of nutritious morsels, fruits, vegetables and nuts. It brings together fun shapes with naturally sourced colors for a diet free of artificial preservatives and flavors with the added benefits of protected probiotics and balanced Omega-3 and 6 to support the immune system. Available for companion birds, from canaries to macaws, in attractive, re-sealable packaging.



TOP’s Mini PelletsTops Parrot Food remove USDA logo

Measuring just 3/32 inches in diameter and resembling a small jewelry bead, the Mini Pellets are USDA Organic Certified and made with the same ingredients as the company’s other pellet sizes. Like their larger siblings, the Minis are all natural and free from fillers, like corn, soy and peanuts, as well as artificial ingredients and sugars. The Minis are packaged in white, stand up pouches that complement the company’s existing gold and silver packaging so customers can clearly differentiate between the Large, Small and Mini pellet sizes.



Vita Prima Sun DropsVitaPrima Sun Drops

Vita Prima Sun Drops are advanced liquid vitamin supplements that are designed species-specifically, with Sun Drops for Birds enriched with Vitamin A and Sun Drops for Small Animals enriched with Vitamin C. Added directly to a pet’s food or water, these high potency multivitamins are easy to use and taste great!