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Trends & Products: Aquatics

Glenn Polyn//November 16, 2020//

Trends & Products: Aquatics

Glenn Polyn //November 16, 2020//

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Despite a global recession caused by COVID-19 has been unable to slow down the popularity of aquatic livestock. Fish have an incredible appeal to young and old, alike, causing dedicated pet retailers to rethink the aquatic supplies that they carry in-store and online.

“The market for aquatics is as strong as I’ve seen it in my entire career,” reported Sandy Moore, president of Segrest Farms, to John Mack in his October Management column, titled “Dive Into Aquatics.” “Aquatic life calms the household during crisis and makes a great educational tool that is low maintenance.”

For new fish hobbyists, filling a tank with water is really just a drop in the proverbial bucket in terms of what needs to be done to establish a safe, healthy home for an aquatic species. There’s so much more for them to learn and purchase, and that puts retailers in a prime position to play a major role in influencing their education and acquisitions.

Aquatic industry experts have advice for how retailers can turn a newcomer to the aquatic hobby into a dedicated, long-term customer. They recommend a retailer establish a bond with fledgling fishkeepers by recommending such essentials as a tank that best suits their desired livestock, food that contributes to a complete diet and a conditioner to maintain water quality and clarity. Be sure to emphasize the benefits of such extras as lighting, landscape items and substrates, which possess both an aesthetic and physiological value to the aquatic hobbyist.

Once people are hooked on the fishkeeping hobby, the likelihood for retailers maintaining a solid business relationship with those customers is very high.

As Moore explained to Mack in his October column, “The market for aquatics is as strong as I’ve seen it in my entire career. Aquatic life calms the household during crisis and makes a great educational tool that is low maintenance.”




The API Freshwater Master Test Kit measures the four most important levels in freshwater aquariums quickly and accurately, including pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. With scientific accuracy for professional results, the reusable Freshwater Master Test Kit comes with four glass test tubes with snap-tight caps and a convenient holding tub for easy storage.





BoxMarineland Portrait Desktop Kit
This five-gallon glass aquarium features three-stage, hidden filtration with a Rite Size Cartridge and Marineland Bio-Foam, and it has an adjustable flow filter pump. The aquarium kit also includes bright white and blue energy-efficient LED lights, so fishkeepers can change the lighting to their liking to mimic the underwater effect of sunlight or a moonlight glow.






Aqueon Betta PuzzleAqueon Betta Puzzle

This red or blue puzzle piece-shaped kit is great for a single betta, or fish hobbyists can link multiple kits together to form a completed puzzle and house multiple bettas. To prevent bettas from seeing each other when the puzzle pieces are linked, each unit has frosted walls. Each kit comes with decorative gravel, a small plant, betta food and Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner.




ULTUM Delta-Filter-FamilyDELTA by Ultum

DELTA by Ultum Nature Systems is a complete range of filtration for aquariums built from premium materials capable of delivering consistent high flow rates. In addition, setup is simple and maintenance is hassle-free. DELTA is a powerful essential in the aquarist’s arsenal that will provide crystal clear water resulting in healthy livestock and a pristine aquarium.


pe mysis flakesPE MYSIS Flakes

PE Flakes are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in a variety of fish. Offered in Saltwater, Freshwater, Cichlid and Goldfish formulations, they contain fresh PE Mysis for a rich and nutritionally complete diet.





coral fragging kitCoral Fragging Kit

This premium line is made with Japanese stainless steel, passivated and black-oxidized for superior durability in both fresh and salt water environments. It includes sharp point scissors, a tapered head coral cutter, a large SPS coral cutter, a coral knife with blade, and all-purpose tongs with an angled, rubber-coated head.





Fritz RPM Reef ElementsFritz RPM Reef Elements

The Fritz RPM Calcium/Buffer System and Fritz RPM Magnesium allow aquarists to maintain a marine aquarium’s calcium, alkalinity and magnesium levels. Fritz RPM Reef Elements does not contain unmeasured and unnecessary ions and metals. Part 1 is formulated to provide the highest purity carbonate alkalinity, and when used in conjunction with Part 2 along with regular water changes with a high-quality salt-like Fritz RPM Salt, it provides the correct ionic balance necessary for healthy fish, corals and invertebrates.



Hook-Python-Products-300x231Python Products

Python Products, including the Python HOOK, are proudly constructed using only the highest-quality American-made materials. The HOOK is a helping hand that attaches to Python’s No Spill Clean and Fill for easy and effortless tank refilling. Python products are free of BPA, arsenic and lead.



box2Tetra Brand Goldfish Program

Tetra’s Goldfish Program includes new Goldfish Aquarium Kits, Goldfish Nutrition & Water Care and a Goldfish Information Center online. Goldfish Aquarium Kits, available in 10- and 20-gallon sizes, are tailored and appropriately sized to meet the specific needs of goldfish. Samples of goldfish-specific food and water care products are provided to optimize goldfish health and help consumers understand the products to look for at their retailers.




biOrb TUBE

OASE biOrb TUBE Aquariums

OASE biOrb TUBE aquariums feature a cylindrical-profile with a unique 360° view and are available with standard or multi-color remote controlled LED lighting. The TUBE is crafted with durable acrylic, resulting in increased visibility over typical glass aquariums. Available in either a stylish white or black trim, the TUBE comes in four- or nine-gallon capacities and features the patented, five-step biOrb filtration to ensure clear, healthy water and easy maintenance.




Lifegard Aquascaping Rocks, Stones and WoodLifegard Aquascaping Rocks, Stones and Wood

Increase the beauty of an aquarium landscape with these unique style stones and rocks to look like miniature rock formations. These all-natural materials are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes to enhance aquascaping setups.





SFBB Reef MultipackReef Multi-Pack

Reef Multi-Pack contains everything needed to feed a reef in one package. It contains six cubes each of Marine CuisineCoral CuisineFish Eggs and Reef Plankton. These four foods offer a variety of particle sizes and seven types of zooplankton that stimulate the natural feeding behaviors of reef inhabitants. Reef Multi-Pack is an excellent choice for feeding mixed reef aquariums.







Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel

Hikari-Sinking-Goldfish-ExcelGoldfish keepers are always on the lookout for feeding options for their fishy friends, and Sinking Goldfish Excel is an excellent option for improved growth, excellent coloration and lots of natural nutrients that goldfish crave. The sinking pellet helps avoid air gulping, which can reduce the chances of swim bladder issues common with many goldfish species. When fed as directed, Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel won’t cloud your aquarium water and is readily accepted by most goldfish varieties.