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Trends and Products: Offering the Best Bowls

Pet Age Staff//July 1, 2023//

Trends and Products: Offering the Best Bowls

Pet Age Staff //July 1, 2023//

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Today’s pet bowl and feeding systems come in a wide assortment of materials, including copper, stainless steel, ceramic and even biodegradable. And their designs are just as varied, giving pet parents an endless array of options that fit their needs and lifestyle.





GF Pet Acrylic Feeder 
The GF PET Acrylic Feeder is elevated and the pinnacle of simple elegance. Clear, clean, modern and sturdy, the elevated base provides a comfortable and ergonomic feeding experience for your pet that favors good digestion. Includes two removable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl inserts with authentic GF PET logo paw.









Leather Brother’s Bowls
Leather Brother’s Antiqued Copper Hammered Bowls allow you to feed in style while adding a beautiful aesthetic to your home. The Antique Copper plated bowls are finished with a “hammered” look. Not only are they in style, these bowls are also durable, long-lasting and resistant to rust, odors, cracks and chewing. The dishwasher-safe feature makes clean up a breeze. Available in four sizes.



Silly Kitty Oval Cat Bowl
Silly Kitty oval stoneware cat bowls have a two-cup capacity, which is great for water or food. This is a dishwasher safe, and microwave safe bowl specifically designed for cats. With a deep basin, the wide oval shape allows cats to eat or drink without irritating their whiskers. The shape also helps keep their faces clean and dry.



Copper Water Bowl
A copper water bowl is a great choice for your pet. Copper is naturally antimicrobial and using a copper pet bowl can help avoid the biofilm that forms in other types of pet bowls. Biofilm, which is a by-product of your pet’s saliva mixing with water, can contain disease causing viruses and bacteria. Each bowl has a capacity of 16.9 ounces.



Indipets Bowls
Indipets offers a bowl for every kind of dog and pet parent. The Indipets Buster Bowl is the perfect mix of function and style. This stainless-steel bowl features a fashionable outer covering and a non-slip base. Made from medical-grade material, the bacteria-free, stainless-steel bowl is 100 percent rust-proof, lead-free, phthalate-free and cadmium-free. It features a fashionable TPE (Thermoplast elastomer) outer cover. It’s also dishwasher safe.


K-Rex Kleanbowl
The K-Rex disposable reptile bowl decreases the risk of disease for pets and owners. The steel bowl frame holds a biodegradable, disposable and compostable bowl and is weighted to prevent tipping. The low profile provides easy access while keeping substrate out of the bowl. This product comes with three Nourish-Pet refill bowls; refill packs available. It is completely reptile safe.



Non-Tip Pet Bowl
The beauty of each Platinum Pets Non-Tip Pet Bowl goes beneath its brilliant surface. The proprietary powder coating process transforms the high gauge stainless steel bowl into one that is beautiful as well as scratch-, chip- and fade-resistant. Each bowl is finished with a long-lasting silicone ring at the base to prevent skidding and tipping. True Sizing Technology ensures the pet is getting the proper amount of food for optimum fitness and health.



The Fluff Trough
The Fluff Trough is an elevated pet feeder with a patented, ergonomic design to promote better digestion for dogs of all sizes, cats and other animals. The collection has expanded to include an XL size for larger dogs, as well as a stainless-steel insert for water. Fluff Troughs can be customized with a pet’s name, likeness or special quote.



Messy Cats Double Silicone Feeder
The non-slip silicone base prevents damage to floors and holds two stainless steel bowls in place for cats. It also contains any further messes with the wide lip and raised edge border. Made from FDA approved food-grade silicone, it is also stain- and odor-resistant.



BruTrek Dog Bowl
Like its drinkware that’s designed for use in the outdoors, BruTrek’s Dog Bowl is sturdy enough for any adventure with your pup. The BruTrek Dog Bowl features durable double-wall insulated stainless steel construction and a nonslip rubber padded base, and it’s available in Cascade Blue, Moss Green, Red Rock and Storm Gray colors and four- and six-cup sizes.



Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder
Hiddin’s Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Silver Bowls is a modern, 3/8-inch thick lucite feeding stand with lead-free, stainless steel metal bowls. Handmade in the U.S.A., the raised acrylic feeder provides an ergonomically correct eating position and gives the sleek metal bowls a floating effect. With a gentle waterfall design, this clear acrylic pet feeder is sturdy and chic.



A stylish, multi-functional, heavy duty bowl ideal for messy dogs and cats. Made with high quality stainless steel, it prevents messes and spills. It will help keep the feeding area clean, and hygienic, as well as keeping long ears out of the bowl. Assists in slowing down feeding/drinking while guiding food into your furry friend’s mouth. Available in four sizes and have an option of a raised double diner, which will also help promote good posture.