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Trends and Products: Health & Supplements

Julia Rivera//January 20, 2022//

Trends and Products: Health & Supplements

Julia Rivera //January 20, 2022//

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Next to food, supplements and other health-oriented products are widely considered of the utmost importance for a pet’s overall wellness. While cannabidiol (CBD) products continue to grow in popularity, consumers are constantly seeking out other supplements that address common health issues. Dog ailments typically involve hip and joint, skin and gastrointestinal (GI) issues, while GI and urinary tract infections are common ailments for cats.





Probiotic Wellness skout

The Skout’s Honor Probiotic Wellness line takes a proactive and preventative approach to treating pets’ most common, and even chronic skin ailments such as hot spots, odor, itching, dry paws and irritated/infected ears. These natural, non-medicated products offer comfort and long-lasting relief while soothing, healing and protecting pet’s skin.





Vetz Petz Antinol antinol

Vetz Petz Antinol is an all-natural, highly effective joint supplement for pets and is the No. 1 vet recommended pet medication in both Thailand and Japan. Antinol supports a dog or cat’s natural inflammatory response, and aids in their joint, skin and cardiovascular function, while reducing joint discomfort associated with aging.





NaturVet Quiet Momentsquiet moments

NaturVet offers Hemp Quiet Moments Calming Drops with Hemp Oil for dogs and cats. Veterinarian-formulated with a unique blend of thiamine, L-tryptophan, chamomile, ginger, valerian, lavender and hemp seed oil to help reduce stress and tension while promoting rest and relaxation. Great for storms, fireworks, travel and grooming.






Purina FortiFlora purina

FortiFlora Canine Probiotic Supplement by Purina contains a special strain of beneficial bacteria that is safe and effective. FortiFlora has been proven to promote intestinal balance and a healthy canine immune system. It also helps reduce diarrhea associated with antibiotic therapy and stress.






Brilliant Salmon Oilbrilliant

The only human-grade salmon oil for pets, Brilliant Salmon Oil offers great margins to retailers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada, eye-catching branding and convenient merchandising/POP solutions. With two sizes (10-ounce and 34-ounce) of convenient, see-through UV-protected bottles, Brilliant Salmon Oil is heart healthy, giving dogs and cats shinier coats, softer paws, increased energy and enhanced appetites.






The Dermabliss line of supplements and dermatology products are veterinarian formulated for pets’ skin and coat health. Each Dermabliss product uses unique and key ingredients to help pets who suffer from allergies, atopy or other skin conditions. Dermabliss supplements are beneficial for dogs with seasonal allergies, and our topical products work to promote healthy skin in dogs and cats.






Glandex is an all-natural and veterinarian recommended anal gland supplement for dogs and cats. The patented formula uses a unique fiber blend to support healthy stools, which helps the anal glands empty naturally. Glandex also contains other key ingredients including omega fatty acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to provide additional digestive and anal gland support so that pets can finally “booth the scoot.”





Dog Almighty Elixirsdogalmighty

Guardian Pet Foods has launched Dog Almighty Elixirs, its first offering in the pet nutritional supplement space. Available in Mobility and Calm formulas, Dog Almighty Elixirs are designed to address specific wellness needs to help pups live their best lives. Dog Almighty Elixirs are hassle-free, drinkable and highly palatable that your pup is sure to lap-up; just a few spoonfuls is all it takes.







Aller-Immune Bites allerimmune

Zesty Paws , a leading functional pet supplements brand, has created a supplement for sensitive skin and seasonal allergies. Hemp Elements Plus Aller-Immune Bites feature plant-based cannabinoids from broad spectrum hemp extract. These soft chews contain astragalus root, beta glucan and a powerful probiotic to support immune function and gut health, while also helping to maintain normal histamine levels for your furry friend.






Composure Long Lastingvetri

Composure Long Lasting is an all day calming support for dogs with separation anxiety. It’s the first calming supplement clinically shown to last for up to eight hours. The extended calming support of Composure Long Lasting soft chews is made possible by four effective and highly researched ingredients which each play key roles in supporting balanced behavior and relaxation in dogs.






Green Gruffgreen guff

Green Gruff is an all-natural, sustainably made pet supplement brand designed to address common canine ailments including anxiety, hip and joint pain, aid their immune system, support a shiny coat and more. Green Gruff works closely with veterinary experts to offer the most compatible and effective supplements for canines to help pets live their best day, every day.






Vetericyn ALL-INall in

ALL-IN is the first life-stage dog supplement on the market with an innovative formula that provides optimal nutrient absorption. The patented bio-active complexes within ALL-IN focus on the individual health and nutritional needs to increase quality at each stage of a dog’s life. ALL-IN contains the key nutrients your dog needs at its particular stage of life, whether puppy, adult or senior, to promote digestive, cellular, bone, mental and immune health.





Hi-Calcium Grit Bird Supplementkaytee

Keep your feathered pal healthy with the Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Hi-Calcium Grit Bird Supplement. Formulated with essential calcium and minerals from granite grit and oyster shell, it’s the nutritional boost your pal needs to look and feel his best. It’s perfect for small pet birds that are on a seed-based diet, like cockatiels, parakeets, canaries and finches to maintain overall wellbeing and support digestive health. Plus, it comes in a convenient tub so it’s easy to use regularly to keep your birdie buddy healthy.





Urinary Tract Health tomlyn

Tomlyn’s Urinary Tract Health for dogs and cats helps maintain normal urinary tract function and healthy waste elimination. The Urinary Tract Health contains compounds from cranberry extract that help keep bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. Spayed female dogs, older cats, overweight cats and male cats, as well as pets that are stressed or those that urinate in the house or outside the litter box, may benefit from daily use of the product.






Natural Scienceoxbow

Oxbow Animal Health’s supplements support the wellness of small pets. Included in the product lineup is Natural Science Papaya Support, which is designed to support the digestive health of pets. Also offered is Natural Science vitamin C, which contains high-fiber timothy hay and the stabilized vitamin C that animals benefit from during times of stress, illness or recovery.






Wapiti Labs Senior Mobilitysenior

Wapiti Labs Senior Mobility with Elk Velvet Antler is one of the brand’s best-selling products. It supports and maintains longterm health, body functions and quality of life. The supplement improves joint mobility, kidneys, immune system and healthy blood cells. Senior Mobility Supplement is made in the U.S.A. by a veteran-owned company.






SurityPro CalmUntitled-6

SurityPro Calm CBD soft chews support your dog’s ability to cope with everyday stress. The brand’s bacon-flavored chews made with L-Theanine are available in three sizes based on a pet’s weight. All SurityPro products are made in the U.S.A., proudly display the NASC seal and were developed by Canopy, No. 1 in pet CBD research with over 25 studies and counting.





Vita Prima Sun Dropssun drops

Vita Prima Sun Drops are advanced liquid vitamin supplements that are designed species-specifically, with Sun Drops for Birds enriched with vitamin A and Sun Drops for Small Animals enriched with vitamin C. Added directly to a pet’s food or water, these high potency multivitamins are easy to use and taste great.






ellePet is the only pet CBD + CBDA product available to retailers that has been proven to work in multiple clinical trials and pharmacokinetic studies. Made by ElleVet Sciences, the world leader in CBD + CBDA research, ellePet helps with stress, joint discomfort, itching, cognitive issues, shaking and senior pet wellness. With elleMove, elleCalm, elleDaily and elleCalm & Comfort, ellePet has your customers covered.






dailydose makes it easy to support dental and full-body health with a tasty, daily dog chew. It starts with a dental scrub that only needs 30-seconds to help eliminate odor, tartar, and plaque-causing bacteria. The inner core delivers supplements for calming, joint, skin or heart health. Plus, dailydose is made in the U.S.A. with no artificial colors, preservatives, gluten or grains.