Trends and Products: Form & Function

Julia Rivera//May 8, 2023//

Trends and Products: Form & Function

Julia Rivera //May 8, 2023//

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Today’s collars and harnesses have had a major impact on the health and safety of companion animals thanks to reflective and waterproof materials, GPS trackers and Bluetooth systems. Pet brands have answered the call from consumers who demand that collars and harnesses not only be well-crafted, durable and comfortable, but also stylish while meeting their specific needs. Of course, retailers already carry this category of pet product, but their stock should be wide ranging and savvy store owners are those who carry items that combine fashion with function.


Saint Tropez X-shaped Harness
The new MyFamily X-shaped harness from the Saint Tropez collection is dedicated to small dogs as well as cats. Made of leatherette with applied glitter enamel, these sophisticated harnesses are handcrafted in the brand’s creative workshops in Italy. The harness comes with ID tag holder and is available in four colors: purple, black, white and turquoise.




Buddy Up Harness
The Buddy Up Harness allows pet parents to lift, carry and support senior pets struggling with their mobility. The rear and front Buddy Up harnesses can be purchased together or separately, so your dog gets the perfect level of support for them. Great for pets dealing with progressive mobility loss and older dogs who need assistance in the car, up the stairs or outside. Each Buddy Up Harness features an easy-to-grab handle so that you can maneuver and assist your best friend.




BAYDOG recently released its first in a series of Officially Licensed NCAA Harnesses. Based on its best-selling Chesapeake Bay Harness, the new college harnesses are made for medium and large sized dogs and will initially represent 22 different schools. Now your dog can rep your favorite team and enjoy BAYDOG’s superior quality. The harnesses are displayed on a custom hanger card designed for each school.




Freedom Smart Collar
The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar provides a shock-free experience while offering the ability to set-up and store multiple, customizable geofence perimeters and designated Keep Out Zones to contain and protect your dog. Unique Keep Out Zones ensure your dog stays nearby and doesn’t enter forbidden areas such as flower gardens, pools and patios. Check real-time GPS location tracking, activity tracking, ambient temperature alerts and much more – all through your smart phone in the Wagz App dashboard.




Invoxia Smart Collar
The Invoxia smart collar is the first ever to track and monitor a dog’s respiratory and heart vitals alongside its day-to-day activities. Now owners can really get a 360 overview of their pet’s health, well-being, and whereabouts. It is suitable for a wide variety of dogs and can be worn for several weeks without the need for charging.




Leather Brothers Collars 
Leather Brothers has over 40 years of experience manufacturing pet products. With its skilled workforce, the brand is able to provide a top-notch quality, and durable product that you can count on. One of its most popular lines, LUXE leather, is made with genuine supple leather and top-notch hardware that is durable and lasting. Proudly made in U.S.A., the line features 10 vibrant color options.




Zee.Dog FlyHarness
The FlyHarness is a lightweight, breathable mesh dog harness that is designed for the outdoors and is available in five sizes. Now available in three additional colors (Galaxy, ACG and Vortex), the FlyHarness has a 3D-knitted external layer that’s used in sports sneakers and a breathable bottom mesh layer. It can be put on with one easy click and provides your dog a safe, comfortable harness wearing experience with reduced friction points.




Crash Tested Harness  
The Crash Tested Harness from Company of Animals is made for dog owners looking for extra peace of mind. Certified up to 70 pounds, the harness directly links to the car seat belt system with no extra connection clip required. The high tech fully reflective fabric features a breathable layer on the chest panel for comfort, stability and walking safety. Two years in development, this innovative new harness is engineered for easy fitting and conversion into a comfortable walking harness for the perfect day trip.




Fi Series 3

The Fi Series 3 features live GPS tracking for faster tracking. Smarter, smaller and stronger, this new waterproof collar is encased in steel, can withstand 400 pounds of pull force, has more updates and an increased LTE signal sensitivity by 200 percent. Invaluable insights are passed back to members via the Fi app.




JUST FRED is a Brooklyn-based and female-founded dog accessories brand that promotes freedom, alternative self-expression and inclusivity. The brand creates vegan, cruelty-free products for pets, including collars and harnesses. JUST FRED also proudly helps support partner funds and organizations to help ensure that rescue animals get the loving homes, healthcare and legal protection that they deserve.




PetSafe Walk-Along Outdoor Harness
The PetSafe Walk-Along Outdoor Harness offers a variety of unique elements with active pet owners in mind. The product has two harness options (standard or no-pull), a seatbelt tether, a lightweight, water-resistant zipper pouch for storing essentials during adventures and more.




Headlight Harness
For anyone who loves outdoor adventures, the lightweight Headlight Harness is the best way to keep your dog safe. The Harness has a bright LED light in the chest to provide superior lighting. The no-choke/no-pull design eliminates choking while calming and reducing the dog’s tendency to pull away. Includes a highly reflective trim for added safety.




Rebel Dawg
Rebel Dawg is the badass brand for pets and the humans who love them, offering custom ID tags and charms for dogs and kitties. Pets are an extension of our unique style, so customize their look with every detail and uplift your mood instantly. All tags are jingle-free and made of 100 percent hand-casted acrylic in the U.S.A. A portion from every sale goes directly to animal rescues in need.




Ferret Finder
Bluetooth connects this silicone, LED battery-powered collar with any mobile device. The Ferret Finder app is a free, one-time download that allows you to find your ferret hiding in a house by sounding an alarm on the ferret’s collar. Your phone will notify you if your ferret goes out of range. You can assign pictures, names and sounds to each member of your ferret family.




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