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Treatibles Makes Its Debut in Japan

Glenn Polyn//July 17, 2020//

Treatibles Makes Its Debut in Japan

Glenn Polyn //July 17, 2020//

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Press release: Treatibles

Treatibles, the pioneer in functional hemp products for pets, is continuing its trail blazing tradition, becoming the first line of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with naturally occurring CBD products for pets available in Japan that have gone through research and clinical trials.

Treatibles is currently available online in Japan with plans to expand to more than 1,000 stores in the near future.

“Treatibles is the only hemp-derived CBD product for pets currently available in Japan, in which clinical trials and research with pets were conducted in collaboration with universities and veterinarians prior to the product launch,” said Julianna Carella, Founder and CEO of Treatibles.

Treatibles was hand-selected by Takakura New Industries, Inc., a leader in developing and marketing natural pet products in Japan.

“Getting the Treatibles products approved for distribution in Japan meant finding great partners that could dedicate the necessary resources to this effort. We are thrilled to be working with such a respected distributor as Takakura New Industries, Inc.,” offered Carella.

“In order to consider and study CBD for pets in Japan, we researched a number of manufacturers in the United States where the CBD distribution is known to be extremely active,” offered Ken Takakura, President of Takakura New Industries, Inc.

“We chose to work with Treatibles for many reasons including their authenticity, product quality, variety of products, taste, verified benefits, and more. Takakura New Industries Inc. is looking forward to working together with Treatibles to improve the well-being of small animals in Japan.”

Clinical trials were conducted by The Society of Animal CBD Research, led by Dr. Chie Mogi (Veterinary Medicine), Associate Professor, Faculty of Animal Nursing at Yamazaki University of Animal Nursing.

The Society was established in November 2019 for veterinarians and researchers to promote CBD research with small animals in Japan. Case studies continue to be conducted in cooperation with researchers of cannabinoids and veterinarians who are specifically interested in this field.

The conclusion of one such trial conducted by The Society showed that Treatibles 250 mg Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil eliminated excessive licking in a Toy Poodle. According to the report, the subject was a small-sized dog at a geriatric period, and it seems that licking behavior had become a habit in restricted captivity. The use of Treatibles 250 mg oil quickly eliminated habituated behavior, allowing the dog to stay calm, and no licking behavior was observed during the use of the product. No other adverse events were seen. Through this observation, Treatibles CBD oil can be safe and efficient for excessive licking in dogs.

Takakura New Industries Inc. has been developing and marketing various pet care products in Japan for more than 25 years and is a pioneer in the natural pet industry. The basis of their philosophy is that safe and quality products should be offered for pets, as they are part of family. Takakura New Industries Inc. has won the bestselling natural pet care items in Japan for the past 25 years.

Established in 2013, Treatibles blazed the trail as the pioneer in developing Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with naturally occurring CBD products, essentially creating a whole new category in the pet industry. The company was founded on the values of compassionate care, quality ingredients, reliable information and integrity. These principles continue to guide the corporate culture.

With a mission is to promote Harmony for the whole family through the happiness and health of each pet,  Treatibles products are Compassion Certified and proudly made in the USA.

Treatibles are safe and non-toxic with specific formulas for dogs, cats and horses (and several for all species). The company third party lab tests its proprietary Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for cannabinoid content and to rule out pesticides, heavy metals and biocontaminants. Additionally, final products are tested to ensure consistency and potency. Lab results are available on the Treatibles website.

The company is also committed to the happiness and health of pets looking for their forever homes. Treatibles actively works with rescues and shelters across the United States to help bring calm, balance and ease to dogs and cats in their care.