Three Dog Bakery Focuses on Growing Retail Bakeries Following Consumer Product Division Sale

Pet Age Staff//June 26, 2023//

Three Dog Bakery Focuses on Growing Retail Bakeries Following Consumer Product Division Sale

Pet Age Staff //June 26, 2023//

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Press release: Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery LLC, the company responsible for bringing the original dog bakery to the world, recently announced its intention to grow its network of over 50 retail bakeries following the previously announced sale of its consumer products division to Topspin Consumer Partners. Through this retail bakery network, the company and its franchisee partners will continue to make and serve freshly baked treats and cakes made with wholesome ingredients that our valued customers have come to love and expect.

“Over the last several years, the company operated as two separate business divisions – bakery and consumer products – and became one of the leading dog treat brands. We are thankful to the dedicated employees, customers, suppliers and retail partners that made this growth possible. In addition, we wish our former colleagues all the best as they move forward under the capable leadership of Topspin,” said Aziz Giga, CEO and chairman of Three Dog Bakery LLC.

“Our Bakery Business will now focus on our roots by continuing to offer delicious, freshly baked treats and cakes and provide a unique in-store experience to our four-legged customers and their parents through our network of bakeries owned and operated by individual franchisees, who are themselves hard-working dog lovers,” said Joe Dent, president of Three Dog Bakery LLC. “These hard-working franchisees have played an important role in building our brand image and are a great asset to their local communities. Over the last several years, our bakery network has sponsored various charity programs including food drives for rescue dogs and fund-raising drives to provide service dogs for our veterans. The sale of the consumer products division will allow us to increase our support to our franchisees so that they can flourish and become an even larger presence in their communities. Our vision is to grow our retail footprint throughout the country so we can deliver our fresh baked experience to pet parents and their beloved pups nationwide. We will also focus on enhancing the in-store experience and continued innovation of humanized dog treats using only the finest, natural ingredients.”