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The Farmer’s Dog Pet Food Company Announces First Veterinary Association Partner in WSAVA

By Pet Age Staff//January 26, 2024//

The Farmer’s Dog Pet Food Company Announces First Veterinary Association Partner in WSAVA

By: Pet Age Staff//January 26, 2024//

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Press release: The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog, the pet-food company offering fresh, vet-developed, science-backed, human-grade dog food, and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), the global association for companion animal veterinary professionals, today announced a joint partnership to advance the well-being of companion animals and the professionals who care for them. As a WSAVA Diamond Partner, and the organization’s first-ever fresh-food company partner, The Farmer’s Dog will support WSAVA’s goals by advancing veterinary research and furthering professional growth and well-being for veterinary professionals and their practices.

“WSAVA was the perfect choice as our first veterinary association partner,” said Dr. Ryan Yamka, VP, head of R&D and FSQR, The Farmer’s Dog. “We share the same goals: advancing the health and welfare of companion animals—and that includes good nutrition. WSAVA is a respected force among veterinarians and we’re excited to join as an industry partner in championing the well-being of veterinary health-care teams and their patients.”

As a WSAVA Diamond Partner, The Farmer’s Dog will participate in both new and established WSAVA committees focused on the betterment of companion animals’ welfare and supporting and empowering veterinary care teams. The WSAVA committees include:

  • The Professional Wellness Group: An established committee that aims to improve the health and well-being of veterinarians and all members of a veterinary team. The Committee recently launched the WSAVA’s first set of Global Guidelines on Professional Wellness and has supported the creation of the first online Certificate in Professional Development and Personal Well-being.

  • Non-Clinical Working Group: A brand new committee that is tasked with identifying the opportunities and threats facing companion animal practices that are non-clinical and to provide resources and other support, for instance, continuing education focusing on the development of skills such as leadership, communication and team building.

  • Advancement of the Veterinarian-Led Team: By defining the role and remit of those in the veterinarian-led team, this brand new committee will establish recommendations and guiding principles that ensure teams operate productively and effectively and that all members of the team enjoy a sustainable and rewarding career.

  • Essential Standards for Companion Animal Veterinary Practices: A new committee that will begin to define the minimum policies, processes, systems, and competencies that a companion animal veterinary practice should demonstrate in order to practice safely for patients, colleagues, and clients. Its work culminated in the launch of a set of WSAVA Essential Standards for Companion Animal Veterinary Practice.

WSAVA president Dr Ellen van Nierop, said: “We already offer an array of continuing education to our members on key clinical topics and we’re now starting to help them develop the essential non-clinical skills they also need in order to ensure that they and their colleagues can enjoy rewarding and sustainable careers. The new working groups that The Farmer’s Dog is supporting will enable us to accelerate our activities in these increasingly critical areas. We’re delighted to welcome the company as a WSAVA Diamond Partner and look forward to working with them in the months ahead.”

WSAVA’s community of veterinarians provides many important resources for both veterinary professionals and pet owners, including Global Guidelines for selecting pet foods. The organization’s membership includes key U.S. associations like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The Farmer’s Dog employs on-staff, board-certified nutritionists who formulate all recipes to be complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards, its production facilities meet human-food industry standards, and it conducts ongoing studies with leading veterinary colleges. With this dedication to doing what’s best for pets, The Farmer’s Dog has solidified itself as a trusted partner to industry leaders like WSAVA, veterinarians, and dog owners.

“We are dedicated to the well-being of companion animals and the veterinary professionals who care for them,” said Dr. Brandon Stapleton, head veterinarian, The Farmer’s Dog. ”As part of WSAVA’s community and committees, we’ll play an active role in advancing professional wellness for these teams of caring people, and developing standards of excellence for companion animal practices alongside some of the best veterinary professionals in the industry.“