The Dog Gurus Offer New Launch Formula Program for Pet Care Businesses

Pet Age Staff//June 19, 2018//

The Dog Gurus Offer New Launch Formula Program for Pet Care Businesses

Pet Age Staff //June 19, 2018//

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The Dog Gurus are starting a new educational program focused on providing high-quality pet care and business profits to people looking to start a pet care service business. The Pet Care Business Launch Program is a program for humans who crave the dog life and think a pet care business might be the answer. This program includes step-by-step guidance and support and an online community of Launch Gurus Advice from experienced pet care business owners and experts.

This comprehensive program has been created for startup entrepreneurs who will have access to data, courses, advice, systems, processes, and even a totally done-for-you plan to help them achieve the things needed most while launching their pet care business. Its purpose aligns with The Dog Guru’s mission of saving their members money and getting open faster by guiding them through their five stages for starting a pet care business.

“Our students benefit from the diverse backgrounds and businesses that our coaching team operated that equates to a combined 50 years of pet service business ownership experience,” The Dog Gurus co-founder Susan Briggs. “They can avoid a lot of the mistakes we made as early pioneers in the dog daycare and pet resort industry.”

Co-creators Robin Bennett and Briggs have over 30 years of experience as operators and consultants in the dog daycare industry. Their staff training program, Knowing Dogs, is based on their best-selling book, “Off-Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety and Fun.” They help pet businesses launch, grow and profit with the goal of keeping all dogs safe.