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‘Talking’ Pet Communication Company FluentPet Wins 2022 TITAN Business Award

Julia Rivera//May 11, 2022//

‘Talking’ Pet Communication Company FluentPet Wins 2022 TITAN Business Award

Julia Rivera //May 11, 2022//

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Press release: FluentPet

FluentPet, the company that pioneers new possibilities for interspecies communication, recently announced its selection as a recipient of the 2022 TITAN Business Award. This spring, FluentPet competed against over 800 entries from across the globe to be recognized as an exemplary fast-growing company in products and services.

FluentPet received a GOLD distinction for being one of the most outstanding small companies whose products best represent a rapidly evolving pet industry. Since its founding in 2020, FluentPet has generated over $7 million in revenue, driven by videos showing dogs learning to use FluentPet’s “talking” buttons going viral online. The FluentPet button collection is a language and learning system that enables people to teach dogs and cats to communicate by pressing recordable sound buttons mounted on a board of interlocking HexTiles.

“We’re delighted to receive recognition for our work in pushing human-to-animal comprehension and connection to the next level and bringing it to homes across the globe,” said FluentPet CEO Leo Trottier. “As we continue to deepen our relationships with the other species through our Guides and researchers, we expand the boundaries of what our industry can achieve.”

Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), the competition opens itself to entries from private and public entrepreneurs, small and mid-size enterprises, and large organizations. This year, IAA extended invitations to 26 industry professionals to take on the role of jurors who review each blind entry and filter our outstanding submissions to elevate and honor each industry’s standard of excellence.

“The insights and level of completion displayed in the entries received are beyond expectations,” said Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. “This particular competition was created to celebrate the achievements within the business sector, and it fills us with pride when we see accomplished and inspiring entities choose to be a part of the awards.”

Launched in June of 2020, FluentPet is a science and mission-driven company that builds tools and community for catalyzing two-way communication between humans and the animals they live with. Using cognitive science-based research and insights, FluentPet makes it possible for people to teach their dogs and cats to “talk” with recordable sound buttons through a system of programmable HexTiles.

Later this year, FluentPet will release its newest product line, the FluentPet Connect, which adds the ability to get a “text” from your dog or cat. The new system will introduce smart, Bluetooth-enabled HexTiles with upgraded design, audio and overall functionality that will represent the next phase in the company’s quest to bridge the interspecies communication gap.