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Swedencare Acquires Animal Pharmaceuticals Operations

Glenn Polyn//October 22, 2020//

Swedencare Acquires Animal Pharmaceuticals Operations

Glenn Polyn //October 22, 2020//

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Press release: Swedencare USA

Swedencare USA announced that Swedencare AB, global parent company of Swedencare USA, has acquired the operations of Animal Pharmaceuticals Inc. Through the acquisition Swedencare will receive a comprehensive product portfolio of supplements and topical products in the premium sector for dogs and cats. The products are currently sold to approximately 8500 veterinary clinics in the United States.

“With the acquisition of Animal Pharmaceuticals, we create a unique opportunity which combines two companies who are firmly established for continued growth and profitability, and who are focused on providing innovative products designed to optimize pet health,” stated Martin Shimko, CEO of Swedencare USA. “We are proud to be able to add an outstanding company to the Swedencare family, and we look forward to expanding the reach and availability of the Swedencare product line to the veterinarian channel, while also working to increase our customers access to a broader portfolio of quality supplements for their pets.”

Animal Pharmaceuticals, founded by Jason Braun in 2003, sells a wide range of products to approximately 8500 veterinary clinics, making it one of the leaders in the veterinary market in the US. The product range, which is developed in house, covers several therapy areas of which dermatology and grooming stands for almost 60 percent.

Founded in 2005, SwedencareUSA is the U.S. and Canadian manufacturer of ProDen PlaqueOff®, an oral healthcare product developed in Sweden. Following trials, PlaqueOff has become the premier dental product for participants’ pets. The company’s business expansion has led to the inclusion of PlaqueOff Dental Care Bones, which incorporate PlaqueOff’s incomparable plaque- and tartar-fighting ability into tasty treats.