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Sustainably Yours Offers Demo Sets for Retailers

Pet Age Staff//November 22, 2019//

Sustainably Yours Offers Demo Sets for Retailers

Pet Age Staff //November 22, 2019//

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Press release: Sustainably Yours

Retailers looking to add a new litter to their stores or those who are already fans of Sustainably Yours can now present the product in a new, experiential way. Sustainably Yours Natural Cat Litter recently debuted demo kits designed specifically to show off the unique ingredients in the litter, as well as its unmatched clumpability, the light color and the lack of dust.

The demo kit comes stocked with a handmade wood base, two containers for litter, one water bottle, a scoop and a display explaining how to perform the clumping test. Each kit can be effortlessly displayed on any retail shelf or counter, letting interested shoppers utilize the kit themselves or making it easy for retailers to demonstrate it.

“Many consumers appreciate the opportunity to experience new products before they make that final purchasing decision,” comments Luana Francischini, marketing director at Petfive, the parent company of Sustainably Yours. “With these demo kits, they’ll be able to see with their own eyes how well our litter works and feel with their own hands the texture so they’ll know it’s the best choice for their beloved cat.”

Sustainably Yours Natural Cat Litter features only two natural biodegradable ingredients—corn and cassava—making the product 100 percent sustainable and renewable. The efficient formula clumps more firmly than other natural litters, and the light color allows pet parents to detect changes in their cat’s urine immediately. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each bag goes directly to the Rainforest Trust, an organization that acquires acreage in threatened rainforests worldwide to protect and sustain natural habitats.

For retailers interested in displaying a demo kit in their store, please contact [email protected].