Sustainably Yours Introduces New Brand Design to Reflect Commitment to Cats, Sustainability

By Pet Age Staff//February 14, 2024//

Sustainably Yours Introduces New Brand Design to Reflect Commitment to Cats, Sustainability

By: Pet Age Staff//February 14, 2024//

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Press release: Sustainably Yours

In a significant move to enhance its market presence, Sustainably Yours, a leader in the cat care industry, has unveiled a sophisticated new brand design. This initiative marks the first phase of an extensive business strategy focused on investing in product uniqueness and engaging directly with the Sustainably Yours customer base. The new design, which embodies the company’s commitment to performance, health, and sustainability, aligns with a strategic vision of growth and customer connection in North America.

The sophisticated new look will be showcased at the Global Pet Expo on March 20–22 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, and it is as premium as the products themselves. It encapsulates Sustainably Yours’ simple yet powerful value proposition: engineered to better care for cats and their kingdoms.

CEO Pedro Bastos remarked, “We’ve always been focused on innovation, sustainability and cat-first products. Our new branding now mirrors these values, offering customers a tangible experience of our mission and vision.”

Sustainably Yours (SY) worked with San Francisco–based design and storytelling studio Godfrey Dadich Partners (GDP) to develop the new brand strategy, design, brand guidelines, website, packaging, and presence at point of sale and conferences. Striking original illustrations and photography were commissioned to put cats and plant-based ingredients front and center. All fees for the feline talent went to a local shelter. In fact, all cats photographed for the new branding came from a Los Angeles shelter and have since been adopted.

GDP head of creative Allie Fisher highlighted, “Our task was to uniquely position Sustainably Yours, both strategically and visually. The sophisticated design effectively communicates the brand’s value and is intended to enhance market presence.”

The “SY” monogram, a memorable emblem for communications, and the custom serif nameplate reflect the brand’s rigorous, innovative spirit and sustainable mission. The new brand colors, inspired by nature, and a diverse typography system enhance the strategic values of the brand.

Redesigned packaging, distinct in its communication of SY’s positioning, will differentiate the brand from competitors. It highlights the sustainable plant-based ingredients, as well as partnerships with Rainforest Trust and Jackson Galaxy. This new packaging, rolling out in late February, is a key element in the strategy to connect with environmentally conscious consumers.

The launch of an immersive website experience complements the rebranding initiative, offering an integrated look at the new brand identity and value proposition: for people who love their pets like family.

This rebranding is a pivotal step in an ongoing strategy. The next phase will focus on leveraging social media and partnerships to strengthen connections with cat parent customers, both current and prospective, further driving growth in North America.