Sustainably Yours Expands Internationally

Pet Age Staff//October 25, 2019//

Sustainably Yours Expands Internationally

Pet Age Staff //October 25, 2019//

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Press release: Sustainably Yours

Sustainably Yours, Petfive’s eco-friendly cat litter brand, has announced plans to expand its reach by working with several international distributors in Asia and South America. Thanks to these new partnerships, pet owners across several continents will have access for the first time to this high-quality cat litter that is also plant-based and helpful to the environment.

Sustainably Yours will be working with four major foreign distributors: OFT Corporation in Japan, PMC in China, Janda Global Co. Ltd. in Taiwan and Green Pets in Columbia. The brand sees expansion into these countries as a chance to promote the use of environmentally friendly products on a larger scale and to further develop its mission to promote positive sustainable changes globally.

“Teaming up with these top-notch international distributors gives Sustainably Yours so many opportunities for growth,” comments Andre Santos, sales director at Petfive. “I am eager to see how our cat litter is embraced by consumers in foreign markets and how we can continue reaching cat lovers around the world.”

Santos explains that Sustainably Yours’ unique blend of natural and biodegradable ingredients, which includes only corn and cassava, ensures superior clumping and works hard to prevent odors. The litter’s distinct, light color makes it easy for pet owners to maintain a clean litter box and notice any abnormalities in their cat’s urine. Sustainably Yours is available in two different varieties – Multi-Cat and Multi-Cat Plus, for extra odor control – and comes in 13 pound or 26 pound bag sizes for cat owners’ convenience. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from every bag sold is donated directly to the Rainforest Trust, an organization dedicated to sustaining threatened rain forests and natural habitats worldwide.