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FDA: Distributor Recalls Omega-3 Supplements Sold on Amazon, Chewy

Glenn Polyn//March 13, 2023//

FDA: Distributor Recalls Omega-3 Supplements Sold on Amazon, Chewy

Glenn Polyn //March 13, 2023//

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reporting that Stratford Care USA, Inc of Odessa, Florida is recalling multiple brands of Omega-3 supplements for cats and dogs due to potentially elevated levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for dogs; however, ingestion of elevated levels can lead to health issues depending on the level of Vitamin A and the length of exposure. Vitamin A toxicity may include general malaise, anorexia, nausea, peeling skin, weakness, tremors, convulsions, paralysis and death.

Stratford Care USA, Inc is taking this action after receiving a single Serious Adverse Event from a sole consumer regarding their dogs’ exhibiting signs of Vitamin A toxicity after consuming the supplement. This is the only Adverse Event to date. Currently Stratford Care USA, Inc is taking all necessary steps in collaboration with the FDA to remove all products with these lot numbers from the market. No other Stratford Care USA, Inc products are affected.

Omega-3 Supplements for cats and dogs was distributed throughout the United States in veterinary clinics, distribution centers, retail stores and online market places such as Amazon and Chewy.

The white plastic container containing 60 soft gels has the marking on the bottom of the container that states “lot 31133 EXP 04/13/23” and “lot 30837 EXP 10/26/22.” This product has been private labeled under various brand names.

Items are listed in order of brand name; product name; then UPC (if applicable):

  • Orlando Vets; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • All Creatures Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • All Veterinary Supply, INC; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Jungle Pet; Skin+Coat Omega-3 Soft Gels; 85000395223
  • Animal Medical Clinic; Omega V3 Softgels; 169682510808
  • Animal Medical Clinic Melbourne Beach; Omega V3 Softgels
  • Animal Care Hospital; Omega-3 Fatty Acid Max Strength Soft Gels
  • Animal Medical Center; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Barnes Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Brentwood Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Clinton Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Clyde’s Animal Clinic; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Coastal Animal Clinic; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Columbia Hospital For Animals; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Compassion Veterinary Clinic; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Doc Ladue’s; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Dogwood Veterinary Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Doral Centre Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Eagles Landing Veterinary Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Pet Health Solutions; Omega Caps; 814087005489
  • SPCA of North Brevard; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • LaVale Veterinary Hospital; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Twin Maples; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • University Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Venice Pines Veterinary Clinic; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Lake Dow Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • MVH Mann Veterinary Hospital; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • All Paws Animal Clinic Royal Palm Beach; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Bottle Tree Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Brookwood Veterinary Clinic; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Cleveland Park Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Crown Heights Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Eagle’s Landing Veterinary Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • LVH Veterinary; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Mt Orab Veterinary Clinic; Dr. Hayes’s Omega-V3 Soft Gels
  • Oak Tree Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Patterson Veterinary Hospital – Mason; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Prospect Heights Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Smyth County Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Stateline Animal Clinic; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • The Pet Clinic of Urbana, LLC; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Valdosta Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Viking Community Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Westbrook Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • My Pet Hospital; Omega-3 Soft Gels
  • North Shore Animal League America; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • NPC Northgate Pet Clinic; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Northwest Tennessee Veterinary Services; Omega-V3 Softgels
  •; Omega-V3 Soft Gels; 850005963080
  • Perry Animal Clinic; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Seiler Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Stratford Animal Health; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Summerfields Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • SensoVet Animal Health Wellness; Advanced Omega-3 Softgel
  • University Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Vet4Bulldog; V4B Bully Fish oil omega-3 EFA; 603981565911
  • Waggin’ Wheel Vet Clinic; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Wellsboro Small Animal Hospital Veterinary Medical Center; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Wickham Road Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels
  • Wilton Manors Animal Hospital; Omega-V3 Softgels

Stratford Care USA, Inc is solely a distributor of supplements and other companion animal products. The lots in question were produced by a contract manufacturer and sold to Stratford Care USA, Inc.

Pet owners who purchased this supplement listed above are asked to immediately stop feeding and throw it away in a container where no other animals, including wildlife, can access and consume it. Veterinary and other retail partners should remove and destroy the affected product from their inventory.